Tuesday, March 5, 2013

looking for xanax!

I know, strange title... but at 1am I was trying to think of anyone in driving distance that might have some xanax!  Then I remembered, last summer I had a house guest for a few days, someone I hadn't seen in 20 years, she had some, and even offered to leave me some.  I'm not real sure why she offered, I wasn't that stressed out!  This morning at 1am, I was kicking myself for disposing of what she felt the need to leave behind!  Not that any of that matters right now, my brain is just sleep deprived and that's how my brain works, or doesn't when it needs sleep.

Guess I should explain the need for xanax, it wasn't for me, although now that I think about it, I could have gone to the ER and faked a panic attack??? It was for Zoey, yes, sweet calm Zoey, who the vet put on xanax several months ago.  She seems to have panic attacks when a storm is approaching, or here, or just when the wind is blowing so hard that one would expect a storm to develop!  Yes, there was sarcasm there. I even remember thinking when Jess was telling me about the vet giving Zoey xanax, how silly is that!  The dog gets a little nervous when it storms, lots of dogs do, people too, but they aren't on xanax. 

 Oh my goodness, there is no way to describe the terror poor Zoey must have been feeling.  You know the chairs they have in nail salons, the ones you sit in when you get a pedicure.  The ones that massage you and vibrate, you know what I'm talking about, that is what my bed felt like last night from Zoey shaking!  I kid you not!  At first I didn't know what was going on, I was almost asleep, then when she climbed up my side, it started to make sense.  It was awful, all I could do was sit and hold her, for almost 3 hours!  We never had a thunderstorm, it was just crazy howling wind, and I think there was thunder off in the distance.  Honestly, by that time of morning, who knows what we were hearing.

It was well after 2am before I got to sleep.  I'm still not sure if it was because Zoey stopped shaking, or that I just passed out.  The alarm was buzzing bright and early, and on my way to the kitchen for coffee, I wondered what my boss would think if I called him and said my grandpuppy had me up half the night with a panic attack and I needed to sleep a few more hours.  Thunderstorm season is approaching, I think I need to keep some of Zoey's xanax in the house!

Here's a layout from when we all got together in KENTUCKY (for you Court) last year.  The great thing about us girls getting together, you get pictures of yourself that you normally wouldn't get.  I mean, when you are in a group of women, and they all have a camera, there are going to be some great shots.  Not just the standard pictures, but some that actually show of your personality, which I'll be glad to have one day!

This was outside of this really awesome restaurant, I can't remember the name so could some one help me out here?  We took so many pictures there!  It was great! This is me, loving on the Elvis bear!  I'm really looking forward to returning in October, well not the restaurant, it's no longer there. :(

Have yourself a great afternoon!  I'm going to see about getting some caffeine!


Serene said...

Oh Poor Zoey and poor you. She must have been so frightened. Glad you finally fell off to sleep. You better call that vet and restock her meds before the t-storm season hits.

What a cute layout. I love the bubble text. Nice picture of you too!

Kathi said...

What?! The restaurant is no longer there? I thought it was a Louisville institution and would be there forever. Wonder what they did with all those fab chandeliers, and stools, and stuff? Oh, I'm so bummed. Where's that Xanax?

courtney said...

Poor Zoey. I've had a few dogs who were afraid of storms. Not fun. Part of the problem is they can hear or sense the storm when it's still a long ways off. And then there's all those nasty storm-like noises to trick them.
Love the layout of you in KENTUCKY! Great photo too.

Sweetp said...

I have the same problem with my 200lb Mastiff.... Not much fun when a dog that size freaks out and wants her Momma. I finally broke down and got doggie Xanax too. Makes storms so much better.

Sondra said...

Lynn's Paradise Cafe.... I am sure going to miss it, and I've only been there once! I have some great pictures of us all being silly!!!

My childhood dog was afraid of everything: storms, men, guns, schoolbuses. One day during a storm, he scrambled up the bus step after me and hid under the kindergarteners seat. I had to get off, wait for him to get off, and then jump back on. The bus driver slammed the door shut and took off. Poor old Charlie chased us for over 1/2 a mile before we lost sight of him.

We could all use some Xanax!!!

luv46kdz said...

Poor Zoey, our 130 lb akita used to shake and hide under the tv stand when it would start raining. He was deathly afraid of thunder.

Love the lo. What awesome memories you have.

Staci said...

Poor Zoey! My cat used to get freaked like that. I do love the LO. I love your fun, funky style!

Susan said...

Oh! I just love this! All the quote bubbles and banners really pull together the aura of the adventure we had! And the title...."WE GET CRAZY"....well it just doesn't get much more crazy than hugging the concrete Elvis bear!