Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I think it's back......

my mojo!!!  I'm feeling the desire to be creative again!  and it feels good!  I've completed one layout this week already, and have another half done, with a third in the wings.  and it makes me smile!  the layouts are not elaborate, and I may only be getting in there 15 to 30 minutes at a time, but that is ok!  soooooo, I should be posting some on here soon!   yay me!  wonder if this has anything to do with Winter CHA being this past weekend?
in other news..... the cupcake turned 9 months old this past Sat, and took her first steps on Fri.  By the time we got her on Sat, she was standing up and walking 10 - 12 steps at a time before plopping down.  she will be running in a month.  thinking this may just be the exercise I need!
here are a couple of pictures from Thanksgiving of the cupcake!  I swear, I could buy 20 tutus for her, and still not have enough!  now that she can stand alone, I'm going to need one in every shade of every color.   

and that folks is about all the pictures I managed to get... because I was too busy cooking! 


luv46kdz said...

Oh Lisa, I am loving your journey into being a Grandma! She is truly a living doll and I am so happy for you. What a special gift, and as your first she will always hold a special place in your heart, I see that with my oldest daughter being the first everything, and my first grand'd :) Hope her mama is ready to run after her she is gonna be a trip :)

Oh, and you can never have too many tutus ;)

courtney said...

They may have been all the photos you got, but they are just fabulously adorable! What a cutie!
Can't wait to see what your newfound mojo has helped you create.

Staci said...

OMG, she is too cute!

Sondra said...

LOVE the tutu! And the headband!!!

So glad the mojo is back, can't wait to see some of your new