Friday, January 3, 2014

Ready for 2014!

Oh my goodness!  Another year has flashed by.... and in a hurry. 
I'm already planning for 2014 to be a great year!
This Little Cupcake will turn one in a few months!
I've no doubt she will be walking soon.  She stands all by herself, will take a couple steps before tumbling, and is showing of some very entertaining dance moves! Has 6 teeth already, and knows what food is!
I've picked my one little word of the year.  Focus.  It's going to be a big word this year!

I will hit the big 50 this year.  Not sure when that happened, but, I do know that I am still wearing capris, jeggings and leggings, and I'm not cutting my hair!  Matter of fact, I may put a blue streak in it next time!

This year may be the year I jump of the diving board.  I really do need to do that. hahaha I've only been saying this for what, 4 years now? I think I really only say it to give David hope that it will happen

Going to work more on my photography, because for the last 2 or 3 months, I've not been liking what I'm seeing come out of my camera.  Hmmmm, wonder if that means I should be a little less critical of what I'm snapping.

Seriously wanting  this little baby, but not sure I need it.
I plan to do lots of experimenting with cooking this year.  I'm going to learn to chop onions like a pro and flip items in the skillet just by using my wrist... AND, not get burned or cut any body parts off in the process!   Seriously though, I'm going to broaden my cooking skills! 
Mainly though, I'm going to find some kind of time to carve out for myself.  I seemed to have lost that this past year, with someone needing something from me on a pretty regular basis.  I had enough of that, and 2014, the year I turn 50, it's my year!   (and that starts next week, just as soon as I finish everything on my honey do/momma do list!)

and now, a few pictures from Christmas Eve.

she was thinking she was going to take her Santa hat off.  I was thinking she wasn't.  She won.
I really am so very proud of the daddy he is.  He is so in love with her.

                             They really are fun, and I think maybe big things are in store for them

                                    She seriously has her Aunt J wrapped around her little finger
                                                           Love her facial expressions

Now, let's make 2014 a most fabulous year!


Sondra said...

Happy 2014, Schmoopsie Pooh!

First, I just love the little mop of curls on Little Miss Cupcake's head; it just makes me smile with every picture!

I also love your word for the year. I could almost use it myself… am thinking of trying that whole taking a picture every day this year. I need to work on my photography myself… getting familiar with the settings on my camera and when to use which one when.

And if you can figure out how to do more in the kitchen and spend MORE time in their without cutting or burning yourself, please share your secret with me. I love cooking, but I am an accident-prone mess with whatever I get into, I swear!

Hope you have a great year and carve out some time for yourself… and spend more face-to-face time with your beloved Peeps!!!

Staci said...

Sweet photos, Lisa! I pray that 2014 is a blessed and fabulous year for you!

courtney said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like you've got some amazing goals for 2014! I too, plan on making more time for myself and have even been toying with the whole OLW concept.
As always, love seeing pics of that darling little granddaughter of yours and all of the love your family shares with her.

luv46kdz said...

Happy New Year Lisa! Sweet lili Miss Cupcake truly is a doll and I love seeing all the great photos you share of her. You have a beautiful family there :)

Great word for the year. I chose free, from expectations, stress, worry, free to just be :)

I love your photos, I really need to work on my picture taking. I wind up having to rely way to much on editing to fix them up. Practice and reading up on how, maybe even a class.

Yup the big 50 coming this way too :) I don't sweat it and like you I wear my capris, leggings and I will NOT cut my hair :D

Amen to 2014 being a great year, oh and when you jump please have someone take a pic I wanna see! <3