Monday, July 27, 2009

Flower Power

It's been a rainy Monday in Oklahoma. That's ok, cause we need the rain.. or rather my flowers need the rain. It's not doing much for my hair though.

My poor flowers. They just do not look well this year. I really think someone put something in my flower beds because they really look sick. My lillies didn't even open up. They produced the stems with the little buds all over them...then poof... nothing. The last two years they have been so pretty. Plus I got a little disguisted a few weeks ago and just stopped going out to even work in my flowers. I should be ashamed, because I do love working in them and usually take such pride in them... just haven't felt the love this year. But the rain will do them good and hopefully inspire me to get out and work with them. Now that I have pretty much decided no more swapping on a certain forum and my farm doesn't need me 12 hours a day I should have time huh?

Speaking of flowers and swapping, I'm going to share some pics with you of my cj. It's title is 'Flower Power'....cause you know how I love the flowers! I'm not sure if all the pages are in for it or not... I really have no idea where things are at with this swap. There should be a few more layouts to come in but I'm not sure who is still in or not. I do have a couple that I need to get out for it. And, I think I've decided that cj's are my most favorite kind of swap!

The first page is my title page, then I have a sign in page which I didn't scan, my instruction page and then my 2 page layout. I kept these pretty simple... much more low key'd than what I normally scrap. Why you can actually see the color of the background cardstock. Shocking I know! But anyway...

I tried using stickles on the button holes and really wish I'd used thread. I'm liking the whole thread look and it's really not hard at all.

Again with the stickles, but see how simple I kept it. I have to tell you though that I did what I think is called distressing!??! Who me? I think! Around the flower... I filed it some... to rough it up??? Is that distressing? I know my Scrappy Sista's will tell me.

I'm really liking oranges and reds this year, not sure why, but it is what it is. And Purple seemed to really work with this orange. (Elaine will like that)... also, lets see if Elaine recognizes the paper and embellies?? I finally used some of my Dick Blick papers and embellies. Did I spell that right E? It is handmade paper and really great stuff. It's not expensive and comes in several colors. I got past my "oh no, I can't use it .. then it will be gone" fear and just by golly used it!

Oh dear... the top got cut off my little quote. It says ....
"Flowers of Gratitude Bloom Forever in the Heart". This is another thing I'm really starting to love...these quotes. I don't have hardly any, can't seem to find the good ones. Not like my friend Paula. She's got awesome quotes... where do you find them P? More Dick Blick and Purple/Orange. I like it. Plus did ya notice... did a little inking. I must admit... Elaine knows what she's talking about. It does add just the right touch.

Over all... I'm ok with my pages. I like them...but not loving them. I will probably add some more to them. I just challenged myself to try and use less and see if I like it or not. Well, now I know.

Now these pages have all been created by swap members or joiners or participants. Whatever we call ourselves.

These two pages are by Liz. Look how busy the pages are... I love it! My kinda scrappin' style! She used things for embellies that I would never have thought of, but it's so cool. She has a poem.. 'Nature's first green is gold'. See the jewlery on the two pages and all the gold. How cool!

These next pages are by Angel. From her title I'm going to assume she's not big on least growing them. I love the pink and green that she has used together. The squiggles are all drawn on by pen. Adds a little something to the page don't you think. Her journaling made me laugh... but she's right, she does do some awesome crochet'd flowers!

These 2 pages are by Jeanette. She did a really awesome job! Love the puzzle look she created on the first page, and I will be scrap lifting that! I love all the pinks she used and then the picture of the yellow and blue flowers...just beautiful! On the first page, see the flower in the picture frame. That flower is on the background paper. She just put the frame there around. Brilliant! Yep, I'll be taking that idea too! Oh, and on her journaling... every time that she would use the word flower... she'd put a flower there in place of the word.

Next are the pages by Michelle. She did a really good job as well. I would love to know who the background paper is by. Notice how her title and name are sideways. I never think to do that.

This set of layouts is by Kimberley. I do believe she did some digi here. Well I'm pretty positive. I've never held a digi layout in my hand, but I'm sure that's what it is. I like it. It's got me thinking...hmmmm should I try it. I love her journaling on the layout, and how she made it personal. The flower on the second page, she cut it out... too cool!

That's all there is for now on this cj. Maybe I'll have some more come in soon.
I've got another cj in the works. Well actually two. One of them is quotes. It's on the same site as my Flower Power one. Then on MM, Kathi has us doing one where we send our own stuff. It's really very cool. But it's not back yet... shouldn't be long though. Court has my pages I think. But, hoping to put up the pages I have in on the quotes later tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for looking! Have a peaceful evening.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What great lo's and the distressing is wonderful. The entire arrangement. Love the colors. Just sorry your garden is thirsty, mine has grown double from last year, with all the rain and storms. But that means lots of weeds and skeeters. I think that was a great theme, flower power. Hope the heat lowers and the rain gives some much needed water.