Friday, July 24, 2009

To swap or not to swap?

That is the question that is asked of thee... or is it me?? Well, that is the question that I am asking myself. Let me explain a little.

For several months now I've been going to another board and participating in some swaps there. Right from the start I was a little taken back by the attitude and words of some. I shared that with some of you, my friends, remember. The first swap I was in on there I so stressed out over doing my items because they said things like only quality work all others will be returned. If it's not in by the due date it will be sent back to you. Just on and on. I only signed up for a couple of spots in that swap but I know I made my things several times before I sent them in. Then when I got them back I was really disappointed. I mean you could tell that some of the swappers just simply cut out a box, drew a tiny flower on it with a pen and called it a journal box. Ok I thought, maybe they are just starting and don't know all you can do yet. I mean I remember when I first started and my first swap. My stuff looked like that of a first grader and everyone has to learn, right? But there were a few things that you could tell the person didn't even put any effort in. You could just tell. So I thought, well I can hang with these people.. no need to stress out again. Oh but I did. I stressed for a few more swaps until I thought... wait a minute.... I like my stuff. And aren't I the one that I have to please. So no more stressing over the quality of my items.

Then total havoc hit on this board. There have always been threads that were complaining or "calling someone out" as they say there... but this thread just got plain mean. I have to admit, I was in it too. While my initial intentions were to be supportive of a hostess, that didn't make it right. I can understand how some feel about things and their frustration and I feel the same as they do, what I don't understand is being mean and hurtful. Calling people names or attacking their parenting skills and intelligence. Implying that not only are they idiots but so are their children is just wrong. So it was at that moment that I decided that I would no longer be a part of this online community. I posted this and posted an apology to the person that was being crucified. I stated that I would finish up the swaps that I was in and then bow out. Then..... always a then isn't there. There was a post from someone saying how they throw swap items away. This was posted I think in part to a response about the quality of certain items. I was just stunned that not only do they throw things away but that it was admitted. Then someone else said they do too. I asked do you really throw things out and was told yes, that there is no emotional attachment to the items and if they don't like them they just throw them out. I'm still stunned, but it got me to thinking. There have been things that I've gotten back in a swap that I didn't fall in love with, yet I didn't throw them out. I'm not sure what I will do with all these items I get in swaps. Some I will use in my scrapbook layouts I am sure.. but others... I think I will have an album that is just full of swap items to look at, for ideas on those days I'm not feeling my mojo juices. But throw them away???? No. Which... long way around.. brings me to my subject of this post! To swap or not?

I'm in this swap about dictionary button flowers. Already I've seen a little tension in the posts. Things that should have been said by pm just posted out in the open. Maybe it's just me, but I try to never ever humiliate or embarrass someone. I wouldn't want to be done that way. Anyway.. I'm drifting again... so this swap. I've been working on my buttons almost every night for over a week. While I personally like them, who knows if others will. I am having a hard time sending them off. I look at them and think all that time and money poured into these. What if someone throws them out. Do I really want to take that chance? I have made 36 of each color... orange, pink, yellow, red, brown, black, neutral.. for a total of 252. They have been all over my living room for days and I can't decide to send them and risk it or to just keep them and share them with my friends who I know will not only love them and possibly use them, but never throw them away! Because I DO have an emotional attachment to them!

Anyway, maybe I'll figure it out by tomorrow. Until then, here are some pics of my button flowers. They aren't all in here. I left the black n white ones out and the neutral also.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

I will tell you this though. I'm very grateful that my first online experience with a scrapbook forum was with MM. No one is ever mean and hurtful there. For that I am very thankful! Had this been my first venture into the scrapping forum world, I'd have left long ago! So...Thank You to all my buddies at MM!


courtney said...

Oh Lisa, your embellies are so cute, fun and pretty! I can understand your hesitation sending them off, especially in light of recent information. I can't believe people would throw out swap items they received....and have the gall to admit to it to their fellow swapsters to boot!
I love swaps for the challenge they offer me, and then all the neat stuff I get back in return. Some stuff I use as-is, some I'll further embellish to personalize it and some, in the spirit of the swap they came from, I share with my daughter and fellow scrapbooking friends when we scrap together. And they're always good for new ideas.
So sorry swapping on these other sites has been such a disappointment for you, our MM community is certainly unique in the cyber-scrapping world.

Anonymous said...

I love the flowers, send them my way if they don't appreciate them. I never throw anything away, it's a shame people actually admit that. It is sad, I've found the same experience on several boards, I work extra hard and in return, I get stuff that was put together at the last minute. To swap or not...that is still the question. I think it's a matter of trusting the people of the swap, the hostess and perhap even knowing them via the board for awhile. Sorry about your experience. But glad you work so hard on all your creative and beautiful swaps.

luv46kdz said...

I luv luv luv your button flowers! Once again you have done beautiful pieces!

You are right about being hurtful and mean, I have noticed that happens on some boards, but to throw things out and say it on the board, I don't think I would ever participate in a swap with them again for fear something I made would be flipped. Some people a classless oofs!. You are a woman with grace and heart, to go back and apologize shows you are way above those ladies, word used loosely.

I have to say, you inspire me whenever I see your creations ;)!!

Love Ya,

Lora Oliver said...

Lisa, I am so sorry that you are going through this. I cannot imagine a place that is supposed to foster creativity being so disgusting. I am appalled. As for your flowers, they are gorgeous and anyone lucky enough to receive them should feel grateful. As for you, you don't belong in that kind of environment. You are nothing but kind, understanding and respectful of others, their work and their opinions. I understand that it may be hard for you because of your character, but I would bow out totally and apologize only for stepping out of the swaps last minute. I wouldn't worry too much about the others if they can casually throw items away since there is no emotional attachment, then they won't be too upset.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, those flowers are gorgeous! I can only imagine what your real flower beds look like... If these are returned, I'll gladly take a few off your hands and I promise they will be quickly used in a LO about DD. In fact, you've inspired me to create one based on your paper flowers. Stick with MM - we swap with grace. SBQ