Friday, October 30, 2009

How does my in-box know it's payday?

Today is payday, if you couldn't tell from my title... and my in-box knows it!

It's full of emails this morning about sales. From everyone! Home Depot, Kohls, JC Pennys, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sizzix, wrote to tell me the items I'd been wanting were in, Jo-Anns is having a two day sale, HSN wrote to tell me they've got the Cricut Gypsy back, Wal-Greens has got the picture printing sale going, Oh My Crafts, and Musician's Friend! I'm sure I left a few out because there were hundreds, and no I am NOT exaggerating! When did this happen? I remember when I first got hooked up online and loved to check my email... now it's like going to the mailbox and finding bills! YUCK! You want to know what the really crazy thing is about it all???? I signed up for this. These people wouldn't have my email if I hadn't given it to them or bought from them! So basically I did this to myself because at one time I thought sure I'd like to know if you are having a sale! Stupid moment I'm telling you! It's just going to get worse the closer we get to Christmas. The one thing though... is knowing that occasionally my husband gets sale emails from scrap stores! hehehe That makes me giggle!

We are so close to being finished with the kitchen. I am so ready... this has gone on too long. Working and going to my parents on the weekend just isn't helping the speed factor here....but I can see the finish line. Just a few little touch ups to do... going to look for curtains this weekend. I've started hanging things back on the walls... and have been scrubbing the floor. Not with a mop, on my hands and knees with a bucket of soapy water scrubbing! I do not recommend it! It's not near as fun as it sounds! Trust me on this.

Here's my next page in the album. I'm just not loving it. Think it's because of all the blue.... I don't know. I was stumped during the planning of it and never could get it to just flow. Anyway, this is my great-grandfather.. he was a handsome man. Check out the hair style... isn't it funny, but I'm sure the in thing back then. Not sure of the date on this pic, but it was either the early early 1900's or possibly the late 1890's. Isn't that crazy now that it's almost 2010! I think it's cool just to look at it and realize that way back then when you went to a photographer most of the pictures were of you just standing straight. No fancy schmancy props or curtains. My how times have changed.

On this layout I again made most of my embellies. The train is cut out from Graphic 45. I've been using a lot of their papers on this project. Then cutting out the train gave me an idea.... people rode trains a lot long ago. I'm not sure my great-grandfather did...but that didn't matter. Soooo, I made the little pocket and stuffed it with ticket stubs from SEI. Learned that little thing at an SEI class while at the Tulsa expo. Not crazy about my journaling on it... but it is what it is.

Now here is my favorite part of this layout. This little puppy... I want you to know it took me only 3 minutes to make this! This was made from white cardstock! Yeppers... that's right. I used my newly acquired, just delivered the day before Tim Holtz stamp.... (wonder how many times I use his name on my blog? He should hire me!) So I stamped it with TH distress ink, then took two shades of TH distress ink and blended it to give it that old look. I totally love it! While it may not be train related, I think it still fits the page.

I just said a couple of days ago that I don't use vellum, but guess that wasn't quite true. I do in this capacity, in preprinted quotes. I thought this saying was just perfect for this project. It finishes off the page and is so true in what it says.

All papers from Bazzill, Stampin Up, and Graphic 45. Embellies are SEI and Stampin UP. Stamps and inks from Tim Holtz and My Cats Eye. Used my faithful Pazzle for the letters.

That's it for now. I haven't even started on the next page and I've got about 30 days and counting left. I find myself thinking about this project all the time. It's certainly got my mojo back to flowing and renewed my passion for this craft.
Have I mentioned I'm loving this album and working with these pictures. Isn't that what it's all about?

Have a safe and happy Halloween. Wishing you lots of treats!


courtney said...

Very nice, Lisa! Love the stamped embellie you made...I would have thought it was an actual card from the photographer!
Wishing you lots of willpower going through all those emails on payday!!

Melissa said...

Lisa, I LOVE what you did with that white cardstock!

Elaine said...

I love that picture and lay out, and also the TH stamp. Will have to wait until next payday for that stamp. That family album is going to be a great present and the pictures!
Now a pic of the kitchen please.

Susan said...

What a great mix of papers, Lisa. They really groove with the picture that you used. Like the use of ticket stubs too. I saw those at our LSS yesterday and wondered just how they should be used. Great idea! Oh, and I can totally relate to the inbox thing. I quit checking my inbox for a couple months. When I finally checked it, I had over 400 emails - and about half of them were scrap related!

luv46kdz said...

Lisa, what can I say that everyone else hasn't already, ditto girl you are doing a great job.

Wait, what happened to those "other" emails, like hot wives looking for fun ;) heehee!