Monday, January 18, 2010

Grateful Monday!

Yep, you read it right! I'm grateful it's Monday. Not because I had a bad weekend, not because I couldn't wait to get back to work, and not because I enjoy the craziness of Monday's. Simply because it's a matter of attitude! Today, on a Monday, my attitude is this.... it's only a day and I'm not gonna let it get me down!
So what if there are problems, and today there are some let me assure you... but so what I say!! You simply take care of them the best you can and roll with it! Keep on your Happy Face and I promise you the problem wont be as big as it could be if you let it get to you!

We did have a good weekend. Wasn't to great starting as we were both sick, but by yesterday we felt better. Except for David's muscle. He just can't seem to lay off golf long enough for it to heal. I think he's understanding now that it's going to take a little time, he was sure hurting all weekend from it. Guess we'll know by this coming weekend. We'll see if he stays home or hits the course.

Our Monday problems... our accounting/imaging support people did an upgrade on our image hosting program on Thurs. On Fri we could open up the program but were not able to see any documents. After numerous phone calls I am put in touch with this really nice man and while I tried to explain to him just how big of a computer inner workings dunce I am... I think it took a few times of him saying click this and me going "huh?" or "I don't have one of those!!" We needed to make a few changes in my register..haha...he asks, "Are you comfortable doing this"... my response, "Can you fix it if I crash it".. he replies, "lets do a live meeting and I'll take over your computer!".... my response, "Sweeeeet"! We straightened out 3 computers on Fri and now only have 6 more to do. Lucky for me, all I really have to do is get it rolling for the guys... or so I hope anyway! Now don't you feel better for knowing all of this!

My friend went kaput yesterday! My sweet darling tiny little portable DVD player that I keep in my scraproom. It just said I'm tired, and it's no wonder as much as I have that little baby work! With 4 hours still left of valuable scrappy time in my was off to the store for a replacement. Those little babies are so much cheaper now! I really would like a bigger tv with a DVD player but don't really have the room right now. I mean why take up room with a tv that could be used for scrappy tools!

I did use one of my new cricut carts yesterday. You know how you see pages all the time that are this shape {} all around? I kept thinking ok these people are not buying all these, there's got to be a cart with one on it. There is!! One of the new ones! And I used it yesterday, I just got so excited that I was able to cut my own out of the colors I wanted! I was giggling and doing my little happy dance. I was so excited with it that I had to dance all the way into the living room and interrupt David and his Stephen King novel to show him. Let's just say he thinks I'm a dork!

I did have some good quality scrapping time this weekend. I did the layout for the challenge. I'm planning on doing the next challenge. I've got another challenge due tomorrow that I'm working on. Elaine walked me through doing linky things... still not sure I've got it all down, but I took notes! Thanks for that E! So in the future any clickable links you see on my page will be thanks to Elaine. I spent some time thinking about the upcoming cj swap we've gotten started along with another swap I'd like to start.

Annnnnnddddddd..... I created another layout for Jessica's Sr. Album! How 'bout that Jessabelle! Plus, I've got another one about 3/4 done on my table. See, I told you I'd start working on it again!

I really like this one. I struggled and struggled with it. No matter what paper I tried to use it just wasn't working. The pictures are so busy and full of color along with the people that adding paper just seemed to over shadow the pictures and add more un-needed busy to the page if that makes sense. Soooo, I did a first for me! I inked the background with some purple ink, then got out my paint. The red is paint...yep I painted on a layout! I really like how it turned it out. The only think I'm not to sure about is the spider web. A black one wouldn't work... nor would a silver or gray... guess I could have tried brown...but I didn't. I used green and there you have it! I do need to go back and attach some twine to my spiders so it looks like they are coming from the web. about a crooked picture. It sure looked straight when I had it hanging. Maybe it's a crooked photographer!

Materials used: Bazzill, Prima gems, Cricut Carts PaperDolls & Songbird, Pazzle, and Americana Paints.

As always, thanks for looking. This post got a bit wordy.
Remember, today is a Grateful Monday! So, put on your Happy Face!


Anonymous said...

ehhhhh... i cannot wait to see it when its done.. whoop whoop :)

lovee you

courtney said...

Well, happy Monday, Lisa!
Love the layout, great job on the do-it-yourself background! So, will you be sharing pics of the girls' version of the dance?

Susan said...

Cool LO, Lisa! Don't you just love using paint in your scrapbooking?!?! Digging the spider web too. I think green was the perfect choice.

Elaine. said...

I LOVE IT! The red paint, wow wow wow! I like the green, it's flirtatious.
Great job.
p.s. you and DA look so Slash-like in those pics, jk!

luv46kdz said...

look at you! you're doing so good. I love this lo! what a great Mama you are, these are just super :)!

Benjaman said...

Awesome LO's Lisa! I love the splashes of color (blood), excellent embellies! TFS.