Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back in the saddle!

My goodness, good thing I didn't say I was going to blog more for a New Year's Resolution! In all honesty...I think about my blog several times a day and have lots of things I could say, well type...but I've got it in my head that I must have a picture to go along with it. Even if the picture doesn't fit the main subject, I still think I need to have one. Sometimes it is so hard to get myself to think outside the box or to leave my comfort zone.

So, now 2 weeks later almost with no blogging... I can't think of one thing that I had thought... oh I should blog about this!

One thing I'm excited about is.... the snow is almost all gone...finally! We have just a smidge left in the front yard.
David was able to get out with his brand new golf clubs this past weekend and golf. Made me feel a little less guilty about using my new... "oh you got new golf clubs, see my new cricut cartridges". No, I do not feel the need to justify my scrappy purchases...but just on the off chance I may ever need to, I like to be prepared!

I've laid aside my mom's album for a bit and gone back to work on a album I should have finished a year ago. This is another one of those leaving my comfort zone areas. Once I thought it just wrong to work on more than one album at a time. You should finish one before starting another.... all I have to say to that is....

So....Ode to Frog..... This was in Oct 2006 and it's Jessica's Sr Album. I know bug you've asked time and time again if I was ever going to finish it.... but aren't you glad I've waited until I learned so much more!

We went to Six Flags right before Halloween, that's the reason for the Halloween papers. While there we had to have a try at winning this frog. There's a super cute story behind it with lots of memories and laughter. After I took my pictures and was in the processing of uploading them, I realized that I'm not done with these layouts after all. See, I rushed it in order to have pics for my blog. I want to add little labels. For example on one picture where Jessica is kissing the frog we were teasing her about it being her prince.... gotta kiss a lot of frogs... so I want
to make reference to that, along with a few other things.

Papers used were Bazzill and Bo Bunny. Cricut Cart Paper Dolls (finally used that one). Letters were made with the Pazzle.

Two other things I'm looking forward to in my scrappy happy world are...
working on a cj with my swap sista's and..... Jessica and Emma are joining us. This cj will not only be lots of fun but be extra special!
Plus..... I'm really going to join in on some challenges this month. Not only make them, but post them too!
How cool, right!

Hope you all are having a fab happy week! I know I am!


Elaine. said...

Lisa, these are great. Wow, love the colors and the pics...guess Josh came after that frog kiss, eh! Love the journaling on the first lo, great idea.
Look forward to seeing your swaps and Jess and Emma's on this blog. And no, you don't need photo's to blog...but if you have any, I don't mind staring at them for a bit. Love your blogs sides

luv46kdz said...

Love it Lisa! Doesn't it kill you to see how time goes. Look how young they look. I'm looking forward to some scrappy challenges too. What the hell, might as well right ;)

Glad the snow is going! I used to throw shovels full into the street and let the cars smash it up just so I didn't have to see it anymore. Lord I do not miss snow!

courtney said...

Oh very cute! Love the story. I sure hope that "guy" in the bottom right isn't one of those frogs that got a kiss.....ick!
Oh, and love that paper with the saucy little Halloween chant, "trick or treat, smell my feet, gimme something good to eat!"
Most wonderful of all are all the great moments and memories you continue to have with your kids.