Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Winter Advisory?

My sunshine is gone. :( It was here yesterday...and the winter advisory doesn't start until tomorrow, why it's even supposed to be in the low 60's this afternoon...So Where Is My Sun?

This past weekend was a bit busy with unexpected pleasant surprises. Jessica came Friday afternoon for a bit of scrap happy time. Then Saturday morning my mom called and said her and my daddy were coming to Duncan... just out of the blue! Which was really nice as it was her birthday! So we took them out to eat lunch and shocker of all shockers! My daddy actually stayed for a little bit. He is usually a in the door hello how are you ok let's go kind of guy. He's always been that way, everywhere he goes! But this time he came in and sat down! I should have taken a picture! But anyway, so my Saturday morning was spent cleaning instead of scrapping. Nothing like a call from your mother saying we are coming to visit to spur a little dusting and vacuuming! The good news is that after they left, for the remaining of the weekend my house was clean and I could spend it scrapping!

Have you guys been getting the email updates or seeing the facebook pictures of all the new super cool stuff going on at CHA? My mouth is just watering at the thought of getting my hands on some of the new Tim Holtz dies. And 7 Gypsies.... have you seen their new paper, or get this... binder clips with BLING! I'm just so super excited!

As you've noticed, I've been trying to do some challenges. I'm rather proud of myself for actually finishing them! I'm just having a bit of a problem with that silly html link jazz! I do not like it! It frustrates me so.

Here's a couple more layouts for Jessica's Sr Album. These were also at 6 Flags, and the end of the 6 Flag pictures. Next on the table is Football Caravan.. oh how exciting!

I'm not real crazy about the bottom layout...but it is what it is. I struggled with it for days! Then I finally just told myself it's the pictures and the story that are the very most important part. The rest is just sort of window dressing... and some dresses are prettier than others. So, while I may be struggling a little right now...ok more than a little... and my mojo is out looking for the sunshine, I'll just try to keep in mind that some dresses are prettier than others!

The girls are coming Sunday I think... I'm going to take pictures of us all playing. Well Jessica is coming, not sure about Emma yet. But plans are in progress to work on their cj's. I said to Jessica.... you have your own stuff, I know this, I bought it for you...she says she knows, but after being in my scrap room she feels like she doesn't have anything. Translate... mom we are coming to use up all yours and save ours!

Once upon a time Elaine and Serene told me that if I died they got all my scrap stuff... I'm thinking now the girls wont call you two until the scrap room is bare!

As always, thanks for looking.


Elaine. said...

Ahhh, so nice of you to share, what motherly love you have, to let the girls HAVE your supplies. That's quite an accomplishment. I love your layouts. And that orange and blue paint with that circle of bling around the paint, that's a great touch.
My take on CHA, I think it's just an imaginary friend showing off all her goodies that don't really exsist and I have tea scrapping parties with her, pretending we scrap with all these so called new goodies at this so called CHA imaginary convention my imaginary friend created. Then I feel better, sigh, for about one second, sigh, and then I realize my imaginary friend is really a meanie beanie and that I don't want to live in an imaginary world. I WANT IT ALL! The REAL STUFF! ALL OF IT. I need to buy a scrap store and sell just to me. No comments please. I could not be a SU rep like Melissa b/c I would buy it all.
But that's just my take on it...
E and her little world

Melissa said...

Great layouts, Lisa. Cute and fun Halloween page! I like the second one too, I think your painting shows movement around the page, nice for a dance layout. Were Jessica's HS colors orange and blue? Mine were too, those exact shades. Love the title letters too.

EmmaLeigh said...

Oh Lisa your in luck I am feeling much better and will be there on Sunday! (I know your so excited hehe). Btw I love both of those lo's the bottom is super cute your to hard on yourself

luv46kdz said...

Lisa, I think you're right, there might be some crumbs on the floor, maybe!

The album is coming great! I'm jealous that you have the girls to scrap with, mine don't care about it at all.

Susan said...

Lisa - I really like the bottom one, but I love paint too! Emma is right, you are too hard on yourself. You are very lucky that DD wants to scrap with you. My oldest used to be into it, now that she's turned 13 she could care less! Now excuse me while I go check out all that new CHA stuff that I've forbidden myself to buy! :)

courtney said...

I like your layouts, they're very fun and free-spirited....a perfect combination for a teen page!
CHA, CHA.....nothing more than a clever ploy by the manufacturers to pluck more money out of our wallets after we've sworn off spending because the Christmas bills have come in and we've reorganized our studios and realize we all have a store's worth of product already....and then WHAM! they get us.....oh, do they get us....