Monday, March 29, 2010

85 Today!

My Grannie turned 85 today. I called to say hello and tell her happy birthday. She said she was doing good, just moving a little slower. I told her I could understand that...she laughed and said oh just you wait! Somehow I feel there's a lot of truth to that statement!

My goodness how I've been MIA for some time now... but the audit is over the audit is over, until next year anyway, but for now... the audit is over the audit is over! Work is almost back to normal. This whole concept of having to work while at work is maybe just an itty bit wrong. Wouldn't you guys agree.

I have been getting some creating done, just haven't been getting it posted. Hopefully I can change that over these next few days and get it all posted. For now, lets start with my pages for Elaine's CJ. Her theme is "4 Things on your doors welcome sign". A really super cute theme. I scanned my pages in and it did not do them justice. I promise Elaine, they look better than the pics.

My first page is my welcome sign, because I normally do have a welcome wreath of some type on my front door. I've used pinks because I really like pinks.. my wreath is a flower and we all know I love the flowers... I've used more pink and light green because those colors together just scream SPRINGTIME... and the flower itself is purple cause that is Elaine's favorite color! It's very simple... no fancy-ness... but my front door wreath is usually simple without all the overkill of stuff.

My next page is again very simple. So out of character for me. I like lots of "stuff" on my pages. No pictures, which is another thing I never do... but I like the look of it as is. I pieced together the guitar. I mean we had to have a guitar on the page. You can not come into our house and not see guitars.

I printed my text on vellum, a first! WooHoo. It's not so hard when you have the right stuff. Not sure I'm going to leave that though. You really can read it much better in person. The color of the ink was to be purple, that's what I selected...but it doesn't look very purple. So I may change it to black ink. And... I'm thinking I'm going to add some 'strings' on the guitar. Other than that, I am pleased with my little contribution to Elaine's cj and am sure she will be too.

As always, thanks for visiting my blog.


luv46kdz said...

I love it! I too have been dabbling a bit in the less is more. Something so very foreign to me, since I just love "stuff". You did great, and it describes you and your home perfectly ;)

glad that dang audit is FINALLY over!

Serene said...

Wow, so pretty! I love your sign-in and the guitar is just too cute. Good for you finally printing on vellum. Told you, you could do it. Great work! Oh and Happy Birthday to Grannie!!!

courtney said...

Oh this is just too cute! Love the guitar and your welcome points....especially the fur one....oh how I can relate!

Kathi said...

Very nice, Lisa! The guitar is fab, can't wait to see it with strings. I'd say leave the shocking purple color on the vellum - it just sings!

Emma-Leigh said...

very out of character there aren't tons of flowers and little bellies but its is very cute and I really like it

Melissa said...

Very pretty, Lisa! Love the paper pieced guitar.. how fabulous! I had to laugh at your fur-bunnies.. we always have little bits of fur floating around too, although Fluffy doesn't shed much.