Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hi All!

It's a wonderful sunny beautiful day here in Duncan Oklahoma! People are out walking in shorts and ya know, I really think I belong out there! My boss just got a new puppy and he's not been sleeping well, so if he'd just take a little nap I'd run outside and play!

I did a little more work on my layout for Elaine's cj and wanted to share it. The guitar just looks so much better... at least I think so. I did have to make a minor/hmmmm major adjustment to the neck. It was way to skinny! I added some brads on it along with the string.

The overall layout is still pretty stark compared to my normal... but I like it. From the picture you can't really see the colors in the printed paper which is a little sad. The one paper looks white but it actually has pale pink flowers on it. I did try black ink on the vellum and didn't like it as well. Anyway, I'm calling it done and moving it to the stack!


courtney said...

Lovin' the strings!

Emma-Leigh said...

I really love the strings. Great idea L

luv46kdz said...

It looks great Lisa. The strings and brads just finish it perfect!!

Kathi said...

Que bueno! The guitar looks great.

Serene said...

They say it's all in the details, right? Well, the finishing details of strings and brads just totally complete this lo. Great job!