Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flip, Flop, & Complete!

Hallo All!
Yes I meant to say Hallo instead of hello...cause that's how Bones says it! Who is Bones you say... oh my! I'll let Paula answer that one.

I am hoping you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I did!! We all went to my parent's house and had lunch. Jessia cooked a dish and it was most yummy. Afterwards we played a little cards. Let's just say Jess & Josh won...AGAIN... and I never managed to do #9 from my list below! :(

Here's a little slide show of a mini album I've finished. This is my first one ever to make for me and I'm thinking it's pretty great. I mean I can say I have finished it! It is done! I like being able to say that! It's just too cute! It was a gift from Serene,the kit.. oh about a year 'n a half ago... and yes I am behind in my projects thank you for noticing that! Everything you see comes from the kit, well except for the letters that spell Jess and Fun. I used my punchies from Stampin Up! to make embellies out of the paper. There were a couple of journaling spot stamps, a little bling, and my label machine. But the rest is all kit! It was really fun putting it together and it's perfect for a few of the pictures Jessica and I have from when we went to Florida back in 2007. It was a work trip for me... can't you tell I got a lot accomplished! I really like the way my little book turned out.
Thank you so much Serene for getting this kit for me.. I just adore it!
(no people...this is not the first time I thanked her for it! Come on... I'm not THAT rude!)

So, last week Melissa tells us that there are new items over in the clearance part of SU!. Of course I just have to go look...first page is some of the yummiest paper! Of course I had to have it! Ok, knowing that I'm not going to want to turn loose of it once I get it... I order 2 packs... ok...2! It was delivered today. First thing I think when I see my new paper...
"Oh my gosh... this is so pretty... I can't use it... I'll never be able to get any more of it!"
I've got it so bad with the paper I don't even think a 24 step program would help me!

I'm off to clean my scrap table now. How I make such a mess is beyond me!
As always... thanks for stopping by!


luv46kdz said...

The mini book came just beautiful Lisa!! Your work really makes me smile, I love looking at it :)

Who is Bones?!! Who is BONES!!!!!??? Oh my he is just delish,a vampire and sizzling! Hallo Kat ;),wanna know more go here

Barb said...

OK you two!! I went to BONES and there is nothing there!! I STILL don't know who Bones is!!! LOL

Love love love the mini book Lisa. You did a great job. I would love to see it in person!!!

Kathi said...

OMG - that is too stinking cute! It's a good thing I didn't look too closely at it during the crop. It may never have made it back to Oklahoma. It's so full of sunshine! Niiiice!

Lora Oliver said...

Adorable mini, I LOVE the colors. Perfect for your fantastic photos and all the little flips is a perfect so you touch, I cannot stop gushing about them. They are too awesome.

courtney said...

Wonderful album, Lisa! So full of colour, life and sweet memories. Love it!

Melissa said...

Ooohhh I love it! So fun and just screams summer. Too funny.. it's only paper!! (j/k!)

luv46kdz said...

Oh my Barb!!! You're right, I fixed it


Serene said...

Wow! Just too adorable! What a beyond great job you did on that flip flop kit. It's so happy and there's blue in it. I love the extra touches you added. They complete the mini to perfection!

Serene said...

Paula - that Bones link doesn't work for me either.