Monday, January 17, 2011

Boom Boom!

Boom Boom??? ha.. yeah, the title means nothing...except that ummm.. I couldn't think of a title and the Black-eyed Peas are on the radio! It was either Boom Boom, or... If ya want to get down! Yes, I know, no need for you to tell me, I admit it... I really need help!

Once again it's been a few weeks since my last post. I'm just not feeling very social I suppose. I really do not like the winter... I can not stress to you how much I hate the cold. It's not that I love it hot so much, matter of fact I can't take the heat like I once could...but the cold.... ugh! It's like it gets in my bones and just makes me miserable. AND, no comments about needing meat on my bones.. that is so not what it is. Anyway, the cold makes me cranky and tired. Very very cranky! Like I will say something mean to you on purpose if you even try and speak to me cranky. I do come by the mean-ness honestly..and if you knew my grandparents you'd think I was a saint! But anyway, I've been super busy at work... cranky from the freezing temps.. and just trying to get a routine going again after the holidays!

I have been busy creating though. Even if in spurts. I've been working on my December Daily album. Nope, I didn't get it finished before December.. or even in December! You do realize I'm the Queen of late, right? I've got half of it done... pages complete with photo's. I changed up the front cover... took out the tags I had there and made new ones...never liked the tags I had anyway, which is a good thing...cause I left them out and Ozzy found them. They are in pieces under the bed... along with I think some missing thickers and a sheet of Jolee's Christmas embellies. Man I love that dog!

I'm still not sure how I'm going to bind my DD. It's mighty thick already! I need like some 9" binder rings! I've posted a few shots below... little snippets of the DD until I get it all finished, then I think I'll do a slide show of it. Who knows, you may come back tomorrow and find 15 pages of it. It's a good thing there are no rules in posting projects on here...cause I'd be breaking them all!!

Here's one of the three new tags I made for the front. The snowflake embellies were from Sandi! Awesome right!

Some of the pages... do you see the burlap? I got that I think right before Christmas... it arrived in the mail and was a huge surprise from a wonderful friend! Who by the way I can't thank enough! This just goes to show it does pay to whine! heehee!

I'm really working on taking better shots with my camera. I know that it's not about the camera you have and that good shots can be taken with any kind of camera...but I'm trying to manipulate my camera more, instead of letting it be in charge. Which now that I think about it, it's really surprising as I've been told I have control issues! haha. Think next time I'll say that's not true... I always let my camera be the boss! I've got a class coming up the first of next month and I'm super excited! Hope it's not cold!

Alrighty... gotta bounce... auditors are calling!
Thanks for taking time to stop by.


courtney said...

Awesome stuff! Hope all this creating is helping with the winter crankies.

courtney said...

Oh, and by the way, you've now officially got that song stuck in my head! LOL

luv46kdz said...

Lisa, your shots are gorgeous! Those should go in the OWTS pics!! I love the tag, and don't sweat not finishing the daily in December, you'll get it done and it is gonna be beautiful :)

The new background looks so pretty.

Serene said...

I love that blue tag! Just gorgeous. Can't wait to see the rest of your DD.

Melissa said...

Everything looks so great so far! I know you showed it to me on Skype, but it just looks even more wonderful in still pictures. Did you dye the burlap red? I love it!!

Barb said...

Be careful, girl, or will be as bad as me posting!! LOL

I have a guy for you. Jim HATES the cold more than anyone I know. Yet he is still the one that walks the dog in shorts and flops in 30 something temps because he says it is Florida and he refuses to put aside his shorts!! LOL Gotta love him!! LOL

Love all that you have been doing!! Great therapy, isn't it?

BTW. You don not...have to have your December Daily done in December. All you have to have it the pics available to do them. It takes time to be creative. Take your time and ENJOY!!!

Lora Oliver said...

Lisa, your tag and pages ROCK! Those snowflake embellies are the bomb and the burlap! Who did you whine to, cause I need some of that yummy stuff. ;) Hope the crankies take a vacation soon.

Susan said...

Lisa - I totally know what you mean about winter. I get antisocial during the winter....or maybe I'm just lazy. Anywho - everything looks great! Love that blue tag - gorgeous!

Sondra said...

Lisa - I love the burlap flowers!!! Mummy threw some out a few years back, I knew I scammed it for a reason! Thanks for the idea; the Voices are murmuring again!

Elaine. said...

ewwww, I love all the lo's and all the work you put into them, the supplies, the everything, so very beautiful