Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All I want

Is to be able to go from blog to blog right now and post for all the dadgum give-aways everyone has this week! I mean since I can't go to CHA it's only fair, right??? But noooooo, I have this thing called a job... (yes I know it's cause I need new scrappy supplies all the time)... and this month I'm actually having to earn my paycheck! Yes, I realize that not all weeks are like this one at work...but can't we please please please move it so that it does not coincide with the week everyone has giveaways!!! PLEEEEEAAAASSSEE! AND YES, I do know that we don't always get what we want...but this is all I'm asking for!! today anyway!

I mean seriously, have you guys seen all that is being given away this week? It's scrappy goodness everywhere you look! All ya gotta do is post on the blog and SHAZAM! you are entered for their give-away! I am going to be up all night long tonight!

Choose Happiness!
Here is a page I created to hang on the wall in my scraproom. I originally was just going to use a picture of myself on it...but changed my mind at the last minute. The "L" was to be for 'Lisa'...but works just as great for 'love'. The lines are stitched, from my sewing machine. They aren't very straight...but I think it fits me well... I'm pretty lopsided most of the time! I've written the words Blessed, Thankful, and Grateful on there...because I am.

I just love looking up and seeing this on my wall. It's true ya know...happiness really is a choice. You can choose to be happy or not. No matter what you've got in life, a big house or not.. a nice car or not... your dream job or just a job... it's your choice to be happy .. or not. David has this saying when things happen that might be upsetting or aggravating... he says why be mad about it, it's not going to matter in 40 years. I just love that about him... and I love that he chooses to be happy! You know what else... Matt & Jess choose to be happy too, and that... ahhhh, that makes my heart sing!

Gotta bounce... I have blogs to hop.. and wouldn't ya know... Matt's got the laptop at school tonight... **sigh** ... I sure hope I win something! Ya know...if I could win enough supplies...hmmmm, stay with me here... then... I wouldn't have to buy them and that means I wouldn't have to work!! Hey, we may be on to something!


Barb said...

I'm with you girl friend!!! Here's hoping you win, win, win!!!

Love your wall hanging!! And what you choose most certainly does make the difference. I am behind that one all the way!!!

Too bad you have to work. Believe it or not, I still remember those days!!!

Elaine. said...

great happy wall hanging, can only motivate you when you are in the studio, glad you made it, and don't worry, blog hops are still out there, with your name on them, btw, nice seamstress, Singer comp is very proud of you!

Melissa said...

Oh I love your wall hanging! Great grid design.. love that you sewed it!

Susan said...

I'm so glad you posted this layout, as I was dying to see it close up. Very creative and love the sewing! And yes, you need to quit your job and enter contests; if you win your scrappy stuff, then you won't need to buy it, therefore you won't need the job. I'm sure David will understand. ;)

luv46kdz said...

Everything came so pretty Lisa, love all the lo's you did. The colors, the techniques you use, just fantastic.

Gosh I wish I could crash CHA, it's right here, so close yet so far!!!