Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a Difference

2 days can make!! And I do mean H-U-G-E difference!! But, normal for Texoma!

Tuesday...we had sunny skies, temps in the upper 60's, and I jokingly told David.. "think it's time to open up the pool!" To which he said I don't think so... hey, I said jokingly. Today... TODAY.. there are icicles hanging off the diving board! Me thinks a fire would be a great idea for tonight!

It does need to warm up though...not only am I so very over the cold...but I need some pictures.. of the kids and all of us together, some recent, not having a bad hair year, with green grass and trees in the background pictures! I'm wanting to put them on the mantel and on my sofa table. They are both looking a little bare right now!

Here are my pics from my 1 weekend 2 shots that I'm doing. Yes, I am still doing it... no I've not posted my pics for a few weeks. I could go into major explaining..but it'd really just sound like a broken record... so lets just say I had to do some prioritizing... while I took my pics still, I just didn't post them. I could go back and pull them up and post them now...but I'm trying to be so about living in the moment!

bahahahahaha......Talk about B.S.! I really just don't want to mess with it! Besides, they will be in the book. Yes, the book! I'm pretty sure this is week #30. Has it really been that many already? WOW!

My most favorite coffee cup! I got this about... oh my, back when Jessica was in Jr. High. She's a Sr in college now! How crazy is that! I think that came from my last trip to New Orleans. I love visiting there and hope to go back someday.
Shhhhhhh, don't tell Matt it's sitting on the laptop.

Batch like #42 of the choc chip cookies that David & Matt would devour within a couple of hours. There was no having a couple the next day!

I do plan to make a book with my weekend shots in it. I really think that will tell so much about me for the last year. It's on my list to do.. after the DD is done...which is close people! Anyway, I got to thinking earlier that it just might be smart to go back and send the pics I have already to Walgreens. Trying to print a year at once will be crazy stupid! I'll spend days trying to make sure I've got them all.

I've still got Jessica's album to finish.... yes bug, I haven't forgotten! And my mothers. Ya know, all kidding aside...just thinking about the albums I want to do exhausts me! I'd best get busy! Why oh why can't I be one of those people that will only scrap a few pics from each event? Why must it be so many that I scrap? I'm talking hundreds. Like if we go on vacation or to the races, or even Christmas.. I'll take 100's & 100's of pics, and scrap at least 100 of them. Well, I'll want to scrap them...most of them are sitting waiting! There's no point in crying over it... that certainly will not help any at all. I'll get done what I get done I suppose... and I'm thinking this is my year! There will be much accomplished this year!! This is the year of Lisa Accomplishments!

Alrighty, I've rambled enough I do believe... there's work to be done!

Thanks for stopping by. Send some sunshine my way if you've got it!


Susan said...

Girl!!! I want those cookies! I need something like that to warm me up! I know what you're saying about wanting to scrap every picture, that's when I started doing collages!

Barb said...

So glad you are doing better!!! I know what you mean. You just haven't...because you just haven't!!! I totally get it!! LOL

Love those cookies, girl. Make you a deal. Sen me the cookies, I will send you the sunshine!!

It is 70 here now but it took forever to get there today!! Should be cooling of for the next couple days. We can never guess what is in store for us right now!!

Have a great week!

Melissa said...

Heyyy you're looking at The Rusted Chain? Let me tell you, I'd had my eye on their jewelry for a long time, and actually won my butterfly necklace on their FB page one day. :) Gorgeous!

Serene said...

Those cookies look delicious! Just pour me a cup of milk to go with them.

Elaine. said...

those cookies look really really good right about now, no fair that you can't truly share them! Great pics. Love the change in weather. Better than the flipflop sweating heat for awhile!