Saturday, October 8, 2011

do you??

read the blogs when you go hopping, or just look at the pretty pictures?

I wonder because I have found that the more blogs I look at, the less I read them.. which is really sad, some of them are soooo funny and can make you laugh out loud.  I'm trying to read them more.  You can learn so much by reading ya know!

It's a cool and windy day in Oklahoma.  I hear we are getting rain this weekend, 5 inches predicted.  I don't believe it!  We need to get the pool closed up, but my pool boys assistant is gone to the city for the weekend.. I have a feeling I'm going to be out there tugging and pulling on a tarp.  I lay odds that there is going to be some whining going on too!

Here's another layout of sweet BW.  Newborn pics are just so very precious.

I did a bit of misting here, edge punching, paper layering, and washi tape!  Love me some washi tape!

It is now time to get busy in the scraproom. I'm doing some re-vamping, some major purging, and hopefully there will be some creating going up in here today!

Have a fabulous weekend!


jamie long said...

I read! good luck on your revamping, I aspire to have a scraproom to revamp one day lol. Love the colors on that page.

Jenny G said...

LOVE your misting! That's a cool idea. I am purging in my scraproom today too! I feel claustrophobic! Have a great Saturday :)

tirzahdawn said...

Sometimes I read. Sometimes I look. It just depends on the busyness of the day. LOVE those sweet pictures.

Barb said...

That LO is so precious!!! Love all the different things you did on it!! Ant that baby....beyond words cute!!!

Boy. You would think in Florida we would use the pools longer than most, but even with temps in the high 80's lo 90's, unless you have a pool heater, you are done in the pool. Our daughter hasn't used hers in about a month! :(

Hope you get help doing yours.

Get some great creating done today!! Enjoy!

Staci said...

Love the misting! Have a great day!

Melissa said...

Aww, how sweet! I love the misting too. I'll have to try that sometime!

I try to read them if I can.. lots of times I run out of time and have to come back to them. You wouldn't believe how many things I get in my Google Reader every day! haha

Serene said...

I read my fav blogs on a regular basis. Other blogs I come across I will read if the pics pique my interest and make me want to learn more about the blogger. If the pics are not to my liking, off to the next blog I go.

What a sweet lo. I love that bottom picture. Very "Anne Geddes-esque". The misting is very cool too!