Thursday, October 6, 2011

I want......

someone to come mow my back yard.
my laundry finished.
to be done entering these 50+ new oil wells into the system.
$150.00 to go spend at Victoria's Secret.
to not automatically hit the snooze button each morning.
for winter to not come.
to sing out loud and no one howl.
to have a retreat 4 times a year with my peeps.
to find a happy place in my scraproom.
oh. and.
world peace.

what do you want?

I really do want to blog more... can't believe it's been 2 months and I've had nothing to say! I'd like to tell you I've just been super busy, but truth is I'm really just coming home and sitting on my lazy butt either watching tv or reading. I've just been too lazy to get up and upload a picture to the computer, then sort, the crop, then upload to blogger.. yikes, just talking about it makes me tired.. and since I think I can't post without a picture... I just kept saying "there's always tomorrow!"

Here are a couple more layouts for the baby album. Doesn't he make you just want to squeeze and squeeze him!!

Ok, now I'm off to take my David out to eat... cause it's his birthday!
and he is special.
and I don't tell him enough!

. You know what I'm talking about!


Barb said...

Good golly! It sounds like I wrote this!! I know exactly what you mean. Only I don't come home from work, I just start my day off with TV or reading!!! LOL Haven't blogged in like forever!! I am just tired. So I totally understand!

But really glad to hear from you! Hope you have a great time tonight and wish David and very happy birthday!

Barb said...

Dumb me. See what I mean? Forgot to tell you what great LO's!! Adorable LO's and those pics are over the top sweet!!! Wonderful!

Melissa said...

Aww... what an adorable little baby. I love the smaller photo. That pose is just precious! Great layouts! I really love how everything is laid out on the second one.

I want to blog more too.. and craft more.. and have 4 retreats a year too!

Caryl Hope said...

Heee! the "oh. and. world peace." made me laugh!

Love your layouts specially the SHhh. :-)

Serene said...

Well, if we're listing our wants, I have a few of my own. I want:

never to have to scour the bathroom again,
the products I use to not be discontinued,
a good hair day every day,
eat whatever I want and not have it change the scale readout,
just enough money to not have to worry,
an end to cancer and of course, world peace! LOL

What sweet los. I love the open mouth baby picture. Oh, how adorable he is. These los are a different style for you. Good for you changing it up. Nice work.

PS. I hope your wants come true.

Happy Belated Birthday to David.

luv46kdz said...

Lisa these are beyond amazing. What a precious baby, the lo came beautiful. Great work!

Blogging can be very time consuming. That's why I had to step back from the book blog, it becomes just too much. But I love reading what you've been doing!

Christa said...

Great layouts! These are so pretty!