Saturday, June 30, 2012

at the Shuttle Stop

Have you guys noticed summer is here?  I know I told you a few days ago... but have you noticed?  It's still some kinda hot here! 

I realized about 1am this morning that after 2 years I still do not have our sprinkler system figured out!  I wasn't having much luck sleeping.. four dogs in the bedroom was not helping.. as I was trying to take at least one dog back to it's momma.... I hear it... the water hitting the window... which means we are in zone 3 of the system.  Might as well let it finish at this point!  I'd planned to water this morning anyway, but, that is not the point!  The not having this thing figured out yet is the point!  It's about to tick me off!  I KNOW that I'm smarter than a sprinkler system!  Moral of this story..... do not wish for things that are going to cause you frustration!

I think today is going to be a busy day, so I'm enjoying the quiet right now. I should be at my table pushing papers around... I seem to have my best creativity before the caffiene kicks in. Is it because I'm not awake enough to over think things perhaps? ANYWAY, we are going to an auction this morning. Trying to buy a washer and dryer for David's mom. We are moving her back in a couple of months and she doesn't want to bring hers. Then think the bug and I are going to see Magic Mike. They aren't showing it here, so we have to drive to the next town over. After that, maybe a swim... I've got a room I need to strip wall paper in.... there's always laundry! Jessica is here for the weekend... she says she is staying until Monday morning... so not sure I'll get much scrapping done. I hear we are making homemade icecream tonight!

Hard Rocking @ The Shuttle Stop.  Another layout for the Vegas book. 

This is our dear sweet Hippi.  He was always looking out for Emma and me.... always.  If we ventured very far, we could look over our shoulder and see him close by making sure we were ok.  I know this because we tested him a few times! ha  It's hard to believe that in the last 8 months we've lost them both.  Looking at this picture, it just makes my heart smile.  Think I may have to hang it up in my room for a bit!

Lots of layering going on here.  I think I'm going to take my sewing machine and stitch across the letters in the title.  The two original pieces of paper I started my layering with...they are covered up.  Funny how that works.  Little bit of punching.  Hey look, I used some buttons!.  Of course, the wood veneer!

Journaling reads: not sure if Hippi is holding up the sign or if the sign is holding up Hippi.  This shuttle is not quick. At least an hour wait. :)   Seriously, we did wait for the shuttle for much longer than an hour.  Somebody really really really wanted to go to the Hard Rock Casino.  I'm not saying who.....  but lets just say he loves the music. :)

Wood Veneer People - Studio Calico
Shipping Tag
All other supplies from Studio Calico April 2012 kit - City of Lights.

Can I just say, I've lost track of how many layouts I've made from this kit... thinking I got maybe 2 add-ons, must have, but I still have a lot, and I mean a lot left!

Have a great weekend!


Sondra said...

What a sweet photo!

Ooooh, I love the veneers. Great, another thing to get addicted to!!! Thanks a lot, Lisa! hee-hee...

I love the double-punched yellow paper. I'm going to have to scrap-lift that to justify my punch collection!!! And love all of the layering you did here. And the journaling spot just as an embellie. Very cool layout, my dear!

Susan said...

Very cool on the double punched paper! I've got to remember that one! love the twine, and the layering, and the yellow, and those lil' button thingys....just love it all!!!

Serene said...

That's a great idea - double punching the paper. Very clever, indeed. The layering is super fabulous but you're always good at that so no surprise there. It all comes together to make a really nice layout.

courtney said...

Another winner, Lisa! Love it all!

Melissa said...

The layering is awesome! I'm sure you'll conquer the sprinkler soon. :)