Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's the "IN" thing....

honesty.......   you see it all the time... people say, I'm just being honest.  perhaps they are....  but honestly, I think it's just an excuse for rudeness and cruelty!  there's honest, and then there is hurtful... and sometimes it's a very fine line that separates them.  and....   that's all I gots to say about that!!

now, on to more important things... like this sand for the pool..... called the pool people back
my first call was 12 days ago...
they couldn't find my ticket...
must be in one of the guys trucks ma'am...
no ma'am, we can't tell you when we will be there, the boss decides.
will it be this week???
can't really say ma'am, the boss decides, but I hope it's soon since you called over a week ago.
can I talk to the boss....
he's not here.
ok, when is he there.....
usually about 7:30am.
can you leave him a note to call me??? 
we can ma'am, but he doesn't always read our notes.
ok, how are you going to let him know I've called again?  
we'll leave him a note ma'am.
ok, then, can you tell me someone else who performs this service???
what service is that ma'am?
** banging my head on my desk**   where is Sheldon when I need him?
changing out the sand in a pool filter.
you mean you'd call someone else ma'am???
no, I was just wondering!!!!   have your boss call when he can.
ok ma'am.

what can ya do.... just say Bless Your Heart and move on!
my next move.... texting David he better find someone else!!  after only have answering machines answer several of his call..... he googled how to change the sand in your filter..... seems it requires the cutting of pipes.... wish us luck! and the speedy return of a phone call! because we for realsies do not know what we are doing! David has brought home the sand, he says he can do this....
I'm wondering how much this is going to cost!

Jessica seems to have gotten all settled in her new house.  I'm not sure what she did with all of her clothes... she sent me a picture of a full closet and still lots of clothes left to put somewhere... next time she tells me she needs new clothes I'm going to send that picture back to her!  haha

Here is another layout I completed at the lake house a few weeks ago.  One more down for the golf album!  I'm making progress!!  Didn't use much in the way of embellishments... just misting, paper, and a few buttons.  The title.... a few years ago you could not have paid me to mix the fonts... it's one of my favorite things to do now!

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy day!


Lora Oliver said...

Oh, Lisa, you deserve a margarita, a cupcake, a gold star, or a spa day for living through that phone call. Or all of them! Wowza!

LOVE the layout! There is so much detail without being fussy. I am totally inspired by it and will more than likely be lifting this in the future. Thanks for the spark!

Sondra said...

I have found the older I get, the less patience I have for stupid. And you can't cure stupid. sigh...

I love the mixed fonts in your title! It does give it a special something.

So... when are you coming to Ohio to teach a misting class???

April Michelle said...

it is a very fine line...and sometimes you cannot tell who is really being honest. :)

i like the mixed items you used for the title, it adds a lot of interest to your page.

Melissa said...

Ha! Good luck on changing out the sand! :)

I think this is my favorite yet of yours! I have a thing for banners and things right now, and I like to mix fonts too. :) Looks great!!

Jennie M said...

great work on the page -- love the title work. :)

luv46kdz said...

Lisa good luck with the pool! We haven't had one since 2004 and we miss it but ours was a diametious earth filter.

I love the lo! what a great album you're putting together.

Glad Jess is gettibg settled : )

Serene said...

Good luck with changing the sand.

Such a simple layout but it's simply great. It's proof that one doesn't need a ton of embellies to turn out really nice layouts. Your banners are perfectly placed and the title looks cool with the different fonts.

Kathi said...

Loved your LO when I saw it in May.

Your pool saga is hilarious. I think you should print it out as journalling. Good luck with rest of the story...

Susan said...

Did you try calline Mr. Sandman? lol
Love your banners and your Mr Huey splatters! That green paper with all the circles on it, is one of my favorite papers too!