Monday, June 4, 2012

Road to normal....

Does it even exist?  This normal?? haha.... it does indeed, and I believe it is making a return to my house!  This last month, and I mean month, has been a bit of a struggle....  stress and worry do not mix well in my world!  I say this because some people really crave these things in their life.... love the drama and upheaval of it all..... they don't see it as stress, but as excitement..... I don't understand that!  It makes me nauseous!  I can't function... go to bed at night with your mind heavy.... wake up in the morning and your mind is just racing.....   I'm really a happy person, and most days my glass is half full.... so stress, sadness, worry, drama... it just has no place in my life!  And since it's on the way out the door......
I've slept better the last few days than I have all month.....  I created a few layouts over the last few days.... my yard looks better... my flowerbeds are almost completely weed free.... normal is returning to my flippin' house I tell ya!  Now, if we can just get the pool under control!  Hopefully this week, they are coming to change out the sand.  Sand?  Yes,  who know??.... certainly not me....  sand in a pool sounds absurd.... but the pump takes sand...... high dollar, 250 pounds of sand.... that needs to be changed every few years.  Our sand, it's apparently got some funky dirt in it... (isn't all dirt funky??? that's why it's dirt!)  My brain just can not process how we use sand to filter out the dirt, but because there is too much dirt in the sand, and we need to run the water through this sand, to take out the dirt, to cycle it back into the pool... the water being filtered is not clean and therefore, we need a few hundred dollars of clean sand!   When I try to explain to David how this really makes no sense.... I just get the blank look from him.

The things you learn in your 40's.... speaking of, I just had another birthday... and I've got birthday money and have no clue what I want to spend it on!  Now there's a first!

I did get to spend a wonderful 4 days at the Lakehouse in May.  No kids, dogs, house or yard work... just late night laughing and lots of scrapping.  I actually think it was a very productive 4 days for everyone!

I worked on some of the pictures from the first Blow Out Golf Tournament David was in a couple of years ago.  This layout is one of them..... as I sit here and type and I see a couple of things I wish I'd done differently... funny how that works!  Kelly is always David's partner, and they both play really well together.  Both calm, really want to win but don't sweat the small stuff, type of guys.   Kelly is the type of golfer who lines up most of his shots by holding up the golf club and eyeballing the line.  It tickled me for some reason and I just had to scrap it!

This layout is from out trip to Vegas in 2008.  Yep, I'm a little behind on my scrapping.  I'd started to scrap them, then we lost a couple of the people who went with us, and I just didn't want to look at them for some time.  Hippi, the man in the hat, he had a heart of gold... would do anything for anyone, sadly, we lost him.   Now though, I can look through the pictures and feel the memories... and they make me smile again!

In this picture..... this is the day we've arrived....  we've gotten checked in, luggage in our rooms and about to hit the streets!  Out the door we go and there stand the gold naked ladies of the Riviera!  David, while normally a quiet man, is never one to pass up a photo op, or an opportunity to get a chuckle from those around.... he has no shyness about being in front of a camera, and most often is a very willing subject!  These looks on his face, he is hamming it up for me and the camera.... kind of a "uh-oh, did I get caught" look!   There were many more pictures.... I'm sure people we don't even know took pictures of these guys being so silly.  Dennis, he was a little uncomfortable I think, but Hippi, he loved it.... even got out his credit card as in saying he was going to pay for some ladies of the night for David before he got married!

This layout was created for a friend's challenge, using a color scheme and a Pagemaps sketch.

Thanks for stopping by, and I'm wishing you a happy and normal week!! ha


Sondra said...

What funny memories. Isn't it great to get them down where they can make you chuckle for years to come?

And that David sounds like a keeper!

Serene said...

Nice layouts. I really love the layering on the 2nd one but the blue in the first one is very nice.

Staci said...

Love the layouts! Really love the golf one!

Susan said...

Glad to see that things seem to be getting back to normal for you. I'm with you, I don not deal well with stress either. I like the happy happy!
You should go to this lakehouse more often! You seem to get a lot done there! :)
Love your layouts! 'Specially love the way you inked your border punches - really brings out the detail!

luv46kdz said...

Great los! Hey your scrapping some great memories. Vegas doesn't seem that long ago : )

Glad things are returning to normal

Jennie M said...

great pages!

Marie Ramirez said...

Cute pages! It's hard to scrap people we have lost. So many memories. Sometimes it can do us good too!

courtney said...

Love the linear feel of your first layout, fitting considering the title!
Glad you're getting back to what you feel is normal. I'm with you on the sand thing....isn't sand just really finely-ground dirt? Hope the pool finds it's "normal" soon too!
Good for you, going back and scrapping happy memories of those you've lost, now that you're ready to do so.

Melissa said...

I'm glad things are getting back to normal! I don't really understand the sand either, but must work??

Love the layouts! The second one just cracks me up!