Thursday, October 11, 2012

as is..

Here is another one of my layouts that I'm not loving, and while looking at it, I am thinking that there are certain parts of it I'd have done differently.  One such thing being the tags with sprinkles of confetti.  I'd punched all those, planned to put them in a vellum baggie and sew it on the layout.  It just didn't work, not sure if it didn't work for me or for the layout, but it didn't work!  Not wanting all that to go to waste, instead I glued the confetti dots to the tags, with my thinking being I didn't want to cover up all of the tag.  I wanted to be able to see that it was tags on there, I'm not sure why I wanted that, just remember wanting to know they were in fact tags.  Now looking at it, I wish I'd put more confetti dots on there. 

Throw on a bit of washi tape, some chipboard butterflies, and a mistable sun from Studio Calico, along with an old tag out of my stash, and  put it in the done pile.  Not sure if I really thought it was done, or I was just done with it for the time being.  There's no title and no journaling, and again I'm not sure if I'd planned on leaving all that off or not.  Because of where it will go in the album, it will be fine with no title and no journaling.  Perhaps that is what I feel is missing, maybe that would help.

Sometimes, on the projects that I seem to just "not know", it's better for me to walk away from it and then look at it later.  For now, this page is in the album as is, if it's still bothering me in a month or so, then I'll see about adding something to it.  Chances are, I'll leave it as is, because I only have another 42,683 pictures that need to make it on a layout.

Thanks for taking a little of your time to stop by and read my rambling.  I do appreciate your time.  :)


courtney said...

This happens to me often. I too will often step back and give it some time. Some of the layouts I hated while making them or immediately after finishing turned into my all-time favourites. Other times, I just can't be bothered to go back and re-do it. Either way, it's another page finished!
All that being said, I like this one. The confetti tags are neat, the pics are awesome and you always have a way with the patterned paper!

Sondra said...

Put it in the album. If it still bothers you next year, try adding something to it. Chances are, you won't remember that you didn't like it.

Speaking of liking: I love the confetti! I also like the neutral feel of the colors, it really makes the blue of the water prominent. Love that!!!

luv46kdz said...

I know sometimes, no ,atter what, we just don't like what we see. I like what you did here, I love the tags. Sondra has a great idea, you can always go back to it :)

Serene said...

I love the background paper. It kind of echos your backyard fencing. And those confetti-ed tags is a brilliant idea. What a great look that is and a great way to use tags. I never would have thought of that.

Kathi said...

Life IS good!

Melissa said...

The confetti tags work! I've wanted to try the baggies, but I'm not sure how to get them to work either.