Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back to being right...

Think things are starting to calm down a little on the home front.  I sure hope so, because I've been totally zapped of all mojo!  Seriously, I've done nothing creative in about 6 weeks.  Good news is some ideas are starting to gather, and that makes me smile!  Thankfully, I've got several layouts that I've completed and not blogged, because for a few weeks there the mojo was flowing fast and furiously, and I wasn't about to stop it!  Something else I realized a couple of days ago, not only have I not done any playing with paper, but I've not touched my camera in at least that long too.  I'm ready for my world to get back to being right!

Here is a layout that somehow it didn't turn out on paper the way I had it pictured in my head.  I'm pretty sure that's because I got a little finger heavy with the mist!  I believe I'd like it better if there were less misting on the left side, but, I'm keeping it as it is.  Who knows, heavy misting might be all the rage in a year or two.
Besides, my main goal was to get this pictures of Jessica scrapped, and I did.  Honestly, when I look at this layout, I see her bright smiling face, and that's all that really matters.

The picture is dark, and I apologize for that, it was late when I took these.  The sun had already gone down, and I know better.  In the picture of the 4 of them standing, do you see how tiny she is compared to the other girls.  You'd think she was years younger, no, just months.  Matter of fact, she may not even be the youngest one there.

I've been wanting to get started on some of the kids pictures when they were babies/toddlers, and I finally took the plunge.  I may not be thrilled with the design of the layout, but I am thrilled to have these pictures down.  One down, forty-nine thousand to go! :)

Miss Zoey after she took a dip in the pool.  She is a one of a kind dog, there is no doubt about that!
Another layout for the house album.  These pictures were from the first day we got the keys to the house.  Yes, even Zoey came down to go swimming.   What can I say, our dogs don't really know they are dogs.  To this day, if Zoey is there, while she doesn't just jump in the pool if we are in it, she does come down the steps like a person, and waits at the edge of the water with this eagerness that is too funny.  I really think she wants to get in, but she wants us to chase her first, and then put her in.  She is a mess!



Sondra said...

Oh, they are both so cute! Love the heavy misting! Seriously, it looks like it SHOULD be that way!!! So pink and girly, just like the tutus.

I can't look at the dog pictures without flinching... it looks like the split second before they shake that dog-smelly water all over! What a fun memory!!!

luv46kdz said...

Lisa, I love them! The lo of Jessica is just precious. Where the hell do the years go?

courtney said...

I love these! Jessica is adorable....and from all of the pictures I've seen, just as smiley today! Love how you continued the pink frillyness of her outfit onto the page.
Zoey....oh my, what a cutie. Love how you captured this crazy dog moment!
Oh, and loving all of the border punch action on both layouts!

Serene said...

Great job incorporating all the musical touches on the first layout. That misting is really cool. How cute was Jess in that outfit!

Very clever with the stop drop and roll title and pictures of Zoey. I like how the background colors allow the vibrant green of the grass in the pictures to pop.

Melissa said...

Love both! The misting looks great, actually - the banner adds fun to your title. Jessica is so cute!