Monday, October 15, 2012

Zoey goes swimming

Happy Monday Everyone!  I'm not sure how Monday's seem to get back around so fast, but they do.  I do have to admit though that sometimes the weekends are so busy, I'm thankful for Monday to arrive! That was not the case this past weekend, I had a most wonderful and much needed restful weekend. 

Here is a layout that I made at the last retreat, it's another one that if I sat and looked at it for 2 minutes I could find many things about it that I do not like.  Please understand, I'm not putting that on here for anyone to think I'm looking for support or encouragement, only to say to myself that it's ok to not love every single layout, because I do come back and read through my old posts.  It's kind of like a diary, without being all personal, if that makes sense.  It's a way for me to look at the way I've grown as a scrapbooker, to see the things that I did or did not like, the trends at the time.  My point is, I hesitated even posting these layouts that I'm less than thrilled with, because I didn't want anyone to think I was hinting for approval.   I'm ok with not loving all of my layouts, as long as the memories get recorded and into an album, that's the most important thing.  Life is short sometimes, and I want to get as much of our life recorded as I can.  There will be a day that the kids and their kids are thankful I did.

OK, with that out of the way, here's what I'm not loving about this layout.  It's a little lackluster for me.  It doesn't have my usual "stuff" all about it.  I was trying for the less is more approach, to see what I thought, give it a try, KWIM.  Well, I can say I did it and that it's not my thing!

These are cute pictures of Zoey and the boys in the pool.  I did break out an unused stamp set that I need to use more, it's pretty awesome.  Used a couple of my newly acquired flair buttons.  Discovered that I like putting parts of the title on the pictures.

Wishing you all a nice calm week! :)  Thanks for stopping by.


Serene said...

I like the way you positioned the photos. That gave you a perfect place for journaling. I'm also loving that particular shade of blue of your pool. What an amazing blue that is!!!

Sondra said...

"A calm week"... oh that sounds WONDERFUL! Right back atcha, Chickie!

I love your little pinwheel and your flair badges. And ANY Zoe layout could never be dull, no?

courtney said...

I'm with Serene, that is an amazingly blue pool!
Thanks for sharing your not-so-favourite layouts. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who likes to move on when a layout is done, whether it worked for me or not!
Really liking the title in the picture, the patterned paper and the colours.

Kathi said...

soooo. Lisa. you been moonlighting on us? I sure don't remember this layout at the last retreat...

Melissa said...

It's fun to try new styles every once in a while! I do like your page - the tilting is nice and works with the subject!