Monday, February 25, 2013

It's snowing, I think!

really, I think it is snow.  It's been raining all day, and I hear the blizzard isn't going to hit us, but, these rain drops look awful fluffy!  Oh, to get a snow day tomorrow, how sweet would that be.

D told me I was just looking for an excuse to stay home from work, this coming from the man who is now home!  and yesterday, we had temps in the high 60's.  I was standing outside thinking we'll get this pool open soon and put this house on the market, and today we have snow!

we still aren't sure what we are going to do as far as job and house.  I did come up with a plan, even though D says it's a good back up plan, not sure what he means by backup!  it's my if you are moving more than a 2 hour drive from the children, I'll see ya on the weekends plan.  I was so grumpy last week, and poor D caught most of it.  I think I may even owe a certain peach in KY an apology.  I finally realized the source of my grump was because I'm a bit worried I'll end up living 8 hours or more from the kids/the parents/ and THE LAKEHOUSE!  now you understand my grumpy!  I've been praying for patience, because that is really what I need.

and, no post is complete without a layout.  I used some very neglected SU! ribbon here.  pulled a few things from my old stash.  attempted to cut out some chevrons. I have to say that the idea for this layout was inspired by Lilith Eeckels.  If you've not checked out her layouts before, you need to.  Right now she is my go to when the mojo is missing.

Now, I really must go, it's snowing for real now, and even though it's melting as soon as it hits, I'm feeling a snow/ice/Lisa is to dangerous for the roads day coming!


courtney said... know, they should really consider changing the abbreviation for Kentuky, because I totally read part of your post wrong the first time through! ;)
Hope you get things figured out real soon, my nerves would be a wreck in your position too!
Enjoy the snow, milk it for all it's worth and take that snow day!
Love the layout, you always use the most fabulous colours.

Staci said...

Love the sparkly Thickers and title tag! :-)

Sondra said...

LOVE those colors together!

And I'm sure everyone understands that you're a little stressed out... so hopefully, you don't need to apologize too much.

We have the rain of that storm right now... supposed to change over at any time. BLECH!

luv46kdz said...

I love it :) seeing the Vegas pics makes me smile.

Snow, yuck so don't miss that stuff at all.

Ha Court saw Ky and went dirty, naughty girl ;)

Melissa said...

I like Lilith's worth too. And your chevrons look great! I really like the way you separated the frame - that's the wood veneer one right?

Susan said...

Look at all your layering! And you have sequins too! And wood! And flair! And ribbon! And ooo ooo a camera!

Love it all! I never get tired of seeing your layouts!