Tuesday, April 2, 2013

the story... part 1

can I just say the planning stage stinks!  especially when you don't know what you are planning for!  confusing, right?  now you know how I feel.  we are starting to plan, selling the house and moving, but we don't know when or where.  being a person who needs a plan, this is about to drive me bonkers, which means I'm driving everyone else around me bonkers!  if'n ya know what I mean!

and, we are waiting.  waiting for a sweet baby girl to arrive.  should be any day now.  her due date is in 4 days, so, we are waiting.

we have managed to climb one hurdle and almost completely get one thing behind us in the last couple of weeks.  Matt's court mess.
I call it a mess, because that is what it is.  I've not said much about it, because it was just so bizarre that it took months to get my head wrapped around it, and with it being ongoing, I didn't think I should.  Long story, very long story short, as short as I can make it anyway...

 Dec 2011 Matt was headed to class in Lawton, first though he was going to the clinic where his girlfriend was at.  they thought she might be going in for emergency surgery, it was finals week at college, and her mother teaches there, so she asked Matt to go sit with K.  on the way there, Matt was apparently texting, and yes, I've told him not to do this, but these two women took it upon themselves to be the texting while driving police this day and Matt was their target.  it was a crazy mess where they followed him, would pull up beside him, pull in front of him, were screaming and cussing, and it was becoming a bit dangerous.  this went on for 10 country miles and over 20 city blocks.  they followed him to the clinic, all the while acting like crazy fools.  Matt even called 911 for help because he thought they were trying to run him off the road.   He pulls up at the clinic, the pull up also, jumping out of the vehicle and shouting things at him.  They called him everything but a white boy.  he's not real sure what they are about to do, so he pops the trunk and gets the bat out, that is kept in there with other softball equipment.  they get back in their vehicle, and you should know this was a mother and her daughter.  the mother in her late 40's and the daughter around 22, which I found to be very shocking that a mother and her daughter would be cussing and calling someone the names they were calling Matt.  I would never ever act this way, and sure wouldn't with my daughter, who I'm supposed to be setting an example for.  I'm just saying this is our first sign of their character.
  Matt goes in the clinic and sits with K, then goes outside a few minutes later to get something for K out of her vehicle.  when he steps outside he finds a couple of police officers, he thinks they are there to help him since he called 911.  no, they are there for him, because these two women claimed he pulled a gun on them.  Matt is in shock.  he talks to the police officers, who pretty much think this is a bs story, but along the way they ask Matt where this first started at.  it was 10 miles out, which makes it a sheriff's dept problem and not city, so they call the sheriff's dept.  the deputy arrives, doesn't ask questions, just puts Matt in handcuffs and says we'll let the judge sort it out. 
I didn't know any of this was going on, until I got a phone call from K's mother, who was screaming, they've just taken Matt to jail for assault with a deadly weapon!  I can not even begin to describe to you the thoughts and feelings you have at the very exact moment.   the things rushing through your mind as you are trying to process what is being said.  I had to ask "what????", twice.  the story I'm getting from K's mom, because this is the story she was getting from the police was Matt pulled a gun on two women.  none of it makes any sense, none of it!   my Matt is very non-confrontational.  growing up, it was myself, him, and his sister.  his sister is very much a get in your face, and she was not a bad kid at all, but she had her moments, as all do, and at times she and I would butt heads.  my point is, Matt learned early on how to avoid the fire.  he rarely started anything, and most times would walk away from a situation that looked as if it might explode.  so I couldn't understand what would even make him do something like this, and secondly, where did he get a gun????  what is he doing with a gun???  there are so many things that run through your mind, and I'm here to tell ya, I've got crazy brain syndrome, which means if I don't know what happened, I'll think up about 100 ways it could have happened with each way getting worse than the way before it!  and when you don't know what is going on, you don't know what to do, and it involves your child, it is just the worst possible feeling! Ever!
David was home sick, and David rarely stays home sick.  I call him as I'm pulling out of the parking lot, telling him what I've been told, and he is as flabbergasted as I am!  this is just so no Matt.  but, you really do not expect for someone to be arrested for something they did not do.  at least I didn't, not before Dec. 2011.  as bad as I hate to admit it, on the way to Lawton David and I are trying to figure out why Matt would do something like this.  we've got several scenarios running through our head, but none of them make sense.  has he gotten on drugs and I just didn't see it?  we just need to get there and talk to Matt, and please please Lord don't let him saying anything until we get there!  at this point we are assuming he did this, we do not know why, but he must have done it because he was arrested for it, right?  and Matthew is very trusting, so now we are worried about him admitting to something he doesn't fully understand, because the police are on your side, they are there to help you.
and please, do not misunderstand me, I am not trying to bash police officers or deputies.  I have friends in law enforcement, but not everyone in this field tries to help.  and honestly at this point, Matt was being viewed as the bad guy.  I mean, even David and I were thinking he'd done this, what was he thinking, he's ruined his future.  we are talking assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, my child.
writing about this now, some 16 months later, still brings back all the emotions and all the worries and tears.  it's something I've wanted to write about on here for some time now, who knows why, other than it's cheaper than going to a a therapist!  life is never all sunshine and roses, and this is a big part of the reason I've been pretty hit and miss on here the last year/16 months. this has been hanging over all our heads for that long.  anyway, I got off subject, again....  my point is, Matt was very trusting, and we needed to tell him to not say anything until we could find out what was going on.  I'm in a panic now because I can see Matt being very trusting and without knowing it, confessing to something, to a felony.  and where do we go? where is the jail? my mother keeps calling asking what is going on?  K's mom keeps calling asking what is going on?  I'm trying to talk to Jessica, who is about to leave for Vegas. it's a real life nightmare!

this has gone way much longer than I expected.  and I promise, this really is the short version.
I'm going to post this part now, if your still with me, then I'm in shock!  if not, then just look at the pretty pictures.  if so, I promise I'll be back shortly to finish this up.  it really does get worse before it gets better.

and because I can not post with sharing a layout or two.....

thanks for stopping in!


courtney said...

Oh my. You've got my attention, Lisa....and hugs....and prayers...
And I'll be waiting for however many installments it takes to finish this story, because this is one I'm really rooting for a happy ending to!
As always, love, love, love the layouts! You make sequins look so pretty. That strip of stars is really cool, too.

luv46kdz said...

Following? I'm at the edge of my seat and so sorry you've had to deal with this!!!! I have watched enough of those damn Dateline and 48 Hours that we have told our kids if they ever find themselves in this kind of situation they are NEVER to talk to the cops until we get there, and John is retired NYPD.

I'm sure you are just dying to see that precious baby's face :)

Sondra said...

I am so glad that this HORRIBLE part of your life is closing. The whole court process scares me, because it isn't always about being good or being right, it's about how evilly sneaky your lawyer is.

But part of me wishes you to take on the psycho b!#*^@s. What unmitigated gall.

I'm sure your layouts are pretty as always, but this story's got me fuming all over again and I'm not seeing so great.