Sunday, April 14, 2013

easy day

it's a beautiful day in Oklahoma today. sun is shining and I need to get outside and do some yard work but can't seem to.   my laptop arrived this week, and while I was excited to get it, getting everything loaded onto it is really time consuming. :)  I've downloaded a trial version of photoshop elements, so I've been playing. and playing. and playing some more.  it's safe to say that I'm hooked!
I haven't even been in my scraproom to play for a few days, but am planning on getting in there during the Ranger game.  do a little scrapping and watch some baseball. 

I've actually set myself up a fantasy baseball team this season, and it's been fun.  David and Matt have one in the same league too, and Matt has been leading in scores since day one.  it's funny, he'll call and we'll talk baseball.  just one more memory we are making.  I think it's cool that he calls me to talk baseball.

it's a bit strange, but I've not much to say.  very unusual for my chatterbox self.
I needed to get my 4 Gossamer Blue layouts posted by today.  so far I've done the 4 each month to get my free album.  one more month to go!  woohoo!!

wishing you all a peaceful week!


courtney said...

Congrats on the laptop! Ah, but if only they truly came ready to go....what a tedious job!
It's great to have a common interest with your kids that you can chat about. It's awful of me to say, but regardless of Scott's passion for baseball and all his years of playing, I never got into it until the kids started playing and our little MLB family rivalry began.
Your layouts, as usual, are just fabulous! You're certainly getting your money's worth out of those kits. Good luck finishing up the challenge and getting that free album!

Sondra said...

WHOOT WHOOT!!! Great job on completing another month with your kits!

I love the ones of you and your house and of your Peeps! Love that you are working on both albums simultaniously.

And your layouts are so cute!!! Love the doily, arrows, veneer people, flair badges (?), "Italian Ice Cream" lettering, and bright colors. And your gorgeous layering style!!!

luv46kdz said...

Hey have fun with your laptop! I love photoshop, it's fun to play with. Love your los, the doilies are awesome, love love love doilies, I need to get a die of it :)

Baseball huh :) we got the MLB pkg so the hubs and MaryAnn can watch their Yanks ;)