Monday, April 29, 2013

I have a confession

I have been super lazy the last couple of weeks.   seems it all started about the time I got the laptop.  thinking that might not have been so smart!  I was on a super roll creating layouts, cranking out several a week, then poof, it all stopped.  all because I can now sit in the recliner while playing candy crush on facebook!  it's dreadful, and I say to myself, get up get up, go do something, and then myself says, oh but you have a life left!  Not tonight!  Tonight I am going to work in my flower beds, I think, depends on how much willpower I have come 6pm.

Here's a layout about Tommy the Toad, who lives in my backyard each spring, summer, and fall.  He was there when we first moved in, loving the pool I guess.  I even had to kill a few snakes to keep him safe.  I really didn't expect to see him the following year, but as we opened the pool, we found him under the tarp, his home for winter.  He's been in our yard ever since, and yes, it's the same one!  I even made him a house 2 years ago, and last year, Tammy came to live with him and they had babies.  I'm really a bit surprised at my fascination with this toad!  I'm sure the entire neighborhood is as well, because they can all hear my screams of excitement when I yell to David, "Tommy's Back, Tommy's Back!!"

The lighting on my pictures isn't the greatest, because I didn't worry about it, thinking I'd adjust it with photoshop, except I'm too busy playing Candy Crush to figure out photoshop!!  See a pattern here!


luv46kdz said...

Lo-friggin-l :)Candy crush, haha you made me laugh Lisa! That game pisses me and hubby off!

This toad is just too cute, what a great lo :)

courtney said...

That stupid, stupid game! Every day, I let it steal away my time (and likely I.Q. points), and every time I think I can't possibly hate a level more than the current one, I finally beat it and find that I hate the next one even more! Gah!
Love your Tommy layouts! How nice to have some amusing, non-destructive wildlife to share your yard with!

Sondra said...

Long live Tommy!!!

I love the happy feel of this, with all of the little extras that you are owning right now. This is just darling... Keep up the good work!!!