Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A year already??

Really hard to believe that this little bundle of energy will be a year old in 3 days!
She doesn't miss much, always on the go, and by the time she goes home on Sunday, I am seriously tired!! I can't seem to get in my scraproom, not sure how I'm going to work in the yard, the house is a mess and laundry needs to be done, but we sure have fun!!
She is watching a little Saturday morning cartoons here, while she has some cereal.  As you can see, the tv had her attention. (for all of about 6 seconds)
She sure does love her Papaw!  David had come home from golf, when he came in the garage door she looked up, got a grin on her face, went toddling over to him. He picked her up to hug her and it was just so stinking adorable, I had to get my camera! 
First she hugs him.
Then she looks up at him.
And then she would start this process all over again.  Hug, look up, hug, look up... she must have done that half a dozen times!  And if you were wondering, her Papaw sure does love her back!!
I've signed up for another go around in Karen Russell's photography workshop.  This time I am auditing it, and already I'm so enjoying it.  She has come out with a new Make The Shot issue, this one about focus, which I'm needing.  I'm telling you guys, I am going to get good at this photography thing before much longer!  I am I am!!!!
Wishing you all a sun filled week and many blessings!!


luv46kdz said...

Lisa, you are good at your photography! Your shots are gorgeous :)

A year, amazing and what changes, from a helpless little precious being, to one who interacts and gives love. What wonderful pics of David and Cupcake :) How awesome is the love of a grandchild huh Lisa <3 So sweet. Ah if only time could be slowed.

courtney said...

Have fun with the next round of photography classes!
Oh, can you ever see the love between that girl and her Papaw! Glad you have so much time with her, this is such an amazing age!

Sondra said...

Have fun with the photography classes. Your pictures are an inspiration to us all. Or is it just that your subject is just so darn cute? hmmmmmmmm...

Nope. I've seen pictures you've taken of me. It's you, Baby! Awesome job!!!