Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to normal!

Oh my goodness but am I tired! Returned home from my very first CKC on Sunday and I am wiped out! It is all worth it though!

Serene flew up from NYC and Carrie from Cali. I picked them up at the airport in OKC about 3pm Thursday and we were off on our way to Tulsa! We got to our room, unpacked, giggled and then set off to find food.

Friday morning we were up after about 4 hours of sleep. We took our first two classes by SEI. Serene loved that class, think it was her favorite. Then we made a mad dash to the expo floor for a couple of hours. Think we made it to 2 booths before our first purchase. Serene started doing make-n-takes while Carrie and I were off to see what there was. Then it was back to class three which I really enjoyed. Walked away with a few new ideas from that class and can't wait to try them at home! We headed back to the expo floor to do more damage. Finally about 6 I think we went to eat. Spent part of the evening on the web cam with Joy. That was great fun and I believe I shall be getting me one!

Saturday morning was an even earlier start than Friday, with less sleep! Our first class was great and I made my first every mini book. It was such a relaxing class and our instructor has been asked by the people of Extreme Home Makeover to do a scrapbook for one of the families! How great is that! We then went straight to a stamping class that was a disappointment for all three of us. It was to teach you 10 new techniques, all of which we already knew. You would know, the only 10 things I know about stamping were the 10 things she was teaching. Plus it was about 2.5 hours worth of lessons crammed in an hour. Just love those classes that start out "we will not cover everything in this class due to lack of time"! Well then teach less and spend more time on the less that you are teaching! But still, we walked away from each class with a little more knowledge than what we went in with and some product! The rest of the afternoon was spent on the floor of the expo. My one regret is that I did not buy a t-shirt there that said "Paper Ho". I came home with so much paper it's not even funny! We'd be in line and either Serene or Carrie would say "How much paper do you have??" and I'd have to say "Why do you need to know this??" Let's just say I'm glad I didn't have to fly home and have my bags weighed!

We spent Saturday evening in our room taking lessons from Carrie on some of the tools we have but are clueless on. She's a great teacher, but has no patience! We ordered in pizza and just chilled the last evening. It was a great time and I was missing them before I left the airport. We are already making plans for next year and I can not wait!

I've got a few pics that I'll get posted in the next day or so. For's off to the scrap room. Need to get things put away and get a few things in the mail!


luv46kdz said...

*sniffle sniffle* I'm sooooo jealous!! Glad you all had a blast, looking forward to all of us doing this next year! Go Scrap Sistahs!!

Love Paula

luv46kdz said...

See google went stupid on me!!!

*sniffle sniffle* green with envy at you 3 having a blast ;) We all must do this next year! Glad ya'll had so much fun,
Love Paula

courtney said...

Glad you ladies had such a great time, looking forward to joining you next year. Can't wait to see some pics!

Lisa said...

Oh it will be a must for you guys to join in too! Then it will be complete! Let's get started planning cause before you know it will be Christmas and then Spring and then time!