Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally Friday!

We made it to Friday! I was really a little concerned along about Tuesday if I'd make it through the week or not. I even seem to be back in the routine of things at work and managed to remember how to do a load of laundry.

I've been working on my scrap space and even made some progress! It's hard to tell, but really I did make a little progress. I've moved a shelf around and put it in a closet, course I had to empty the closet. That move prompted a few other moves, so instead of just putting things away.... well lets just say it is a MESS! I am hoping to label all my drawers this weekend, along with doing some actual scrapping.

After being in Tulsa with Serene and Carrie, both proud owners of the ATG gun, I had to have one! It arrived Wednesday and I've yet to use it. I did manage to load it, all on my own I might add. I'm itching to use it...but can't see my table, so it's going to have to wait a bit longer.

It's time though for me to start scrapping again and stop buying! I mean seriously... I have no place left to put anything. Now, when we move next year.... look out... my room will be bigger and after being in this little laundry room the new room will look quite bare! Naturally I'll have to fill it up. For now though I am at full capacity. I swear even the walls are bulging and the only thing left that I can move out of there are the washer and dryer! I actually use them, the dryer holds my Cricut and the washer top is used as a counter space. Can't say I don't fully utilize all of my available space!

I know I've been promising pictures for days if not a couple of weeks now and I really am going to get it. Hopefully this weekend will bring about lots of pics to share! For now... it's back to work! The little work fairies did not come take care of my paperwork while I was gone!

Wishing everyone a blessed day filled with sunshine and laughter!


luv46kdz said...

Oh I know you'll get it done! Ya got the tape gun,good for you. I love having it, though I have the smaller glue glider. It so much better than those little tape runners. Hmmm my Santino is singing Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liars, he sounds sooo cute! Have a great weekend girlie, love ya


Elaine said...

An ATG gun, wow! Something that might just save me a lot of money, instead of all those runners that break.