Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice Anyone?

I'm not sure we are thawing out yet, but we are getting connected with the world again. As you can see our internet is back up. Can I get a WOOHOO! It has been a long 4 days. Everything is working in our house and at work for David and I both. Think it all just got up and running this afternoon late. However, LouAnn's is still not working and I'm sure she is ready to get back home to her own bed.

Here's a look at a little of the damage. The first 3 pictures were taken Fri morning about 11am. The last 2 pictures were taken on Sat morning after it snowed
some on Fri night. I must say after the snow it all was so pretty, but not much fun!

This first picture is along the Country Club. These were all Bradford Pear Trees and really pretty during the spring and summer. As you can see many of them are nothing but just a few twigs left. David kept saying it looked like an ice tornado went through.

This is all that is left of one tree along that line.

This tree was huge, just huge. Not only did it just snap the poor thing, but the weight of the ice also pulled up the roots.

Now isn't this pretty? It would have been anyway if it weren't for all the damage that was left behind.

Just another shot out over the golf course. Poor David may not get to golf for days and days now!

That's it for now. Wish I could say that these past few days off seemed like having a mini vacation, but no. Or that I'd gotten a lot of scrapping done, but no. There's always tomorrow!

Wishing you all a very warm night.


Melissa said...

Good to hear that you have your power back, Lisa! Looks like it did a lot of damage. Glad you guys are safe!

Susan said...

Oh, Lisa - that's just awful. We went through this same thing last year. It is not fun, at all. (((HUGS))) to you. Sending some warm wishes your way.

luv46kdz said...

Oh Lisa, how could something so pretty do such damage. What a shame about the pear trees! The pics are truly gorgeous though, you can get some awesome los out of them. The challenge for scrappin to the music is Disneyland, boy those pics would make some paradox of a page!!!

courtney said...

Yes, snow and ice can be as pretty as it can be devistating. Amazing shots!
I just find it funny you saying David might not get to golf for days and it's months and months! ha!
Glad you were able to weather the storm; wishing you warm sunshine and power restored to LouAnn.

Elaine. said...

Glad you have power!!! Great pics, it's sad, but it's so beautiful also, but so damaging.
Poor DA, might just heal from his torn muscle, thanks to a frozen golf course.
Have fun catching up at work.