Thursday, December 31, 2009

WOOHOO! Go Sooners!

Around 11am today my boss said to me...why don't you just take the rest of the day off when you leave for lunch. I was like ALRIGHT! He says... there is just one condition...I'm thinking oh boy... he says you have to cheer for the Sooners today.

I believe they are playing Stanford in El Paso, TX... it's the Sun Bowl. Now don't you feel better for knowing that! Anyway.... I threw my arm in the air and gave out a mighty... WOOHOO... Lets Go Sooners!!

Today has been full of surprises. This morning when we left for work David and I were unsure of what we'd do tonight. He hasn't had a free New Year's Eve night in several years. He called me about 10ish this morning saying he'd had a call asking if he'd come play a show tonight for/with some people we know. Seems their regular guy is sick and can't make it.... so we went from having really no plans to me thinking oh my gosh what shall I wear! It really stinks when you've gained weight and your clothes no longer fit!

It snowed again today...for a few hours...big fat snowflakes. Have I told you guys lately that I'm really really really ready for spring?

Oh yea, thinking about buying the gypsy... maybe after we take care of the car situation! Hmmmm...maybe I should just turn into a gypsy.

Well, I must dash off.... need to figure out what to wear and get ready. Think I may be looking forward to this evening... been almost a year since I heard my husband play guitar.

And.... I'm in need of some new pictures.... but for now I'll share a few previous ones with you!

Not sure what he was doing here...but I look cute!

Does anyone notice the Marshall's in the background? These are most important!

Can't forget his Rolling Stone Cover!

Wishing everyone a very safe New Year's Eve and a New Year full of blessings.
Take care...
Love to you all,


Elaine said...

Well Sooners won, but I lost the bet, with the Vegas line, so even though those boys played, won, I lost. See, this is why I don't gamble. The rest of the gang is playing this and I am on the side line, just pretending to play. I can't say what my husband thinks of that, but that's ok, I don't have to invest $20 and worry that I don't see it. Have a wonderful time tonight, will be good to hear some great music tonight. Also, I remember what you were doing that night, oh that story, yes ma'am, with that tambourine playing routine, got yourself up on stage, and the rest is as they say to Lincoln fans, history!
Happy New Year to you and DA.

luv46kdz said...

Love these pics!! Go Sooners! got ya out early, way to go.

I don't know Lisa, you may have to come west to beat that snow ;). Enjoy your night and Happy New Year!

courtney said...

Great shots Lisa!
Hope New Year's was a blast.

Susan said...

Love the pics, Lisa. And Woot-woot! to getting off work early, you've gotta love days like that!