Friday, February 5, 2010

CJ Order & particulars

Here's the order the cj's will be in. Remember our plan is to complete one a week.
They will be due each Monday. After you have completed the weeks layout post it on your blog.

I'm not sure what I am going to do yet, but thinking that I will do a weekly slide show of the layouts along with a reminder of which one is due next. Yes Elaine, I will post a link as well.... have the phone near you!
Remember, all welcome pages, sign in sheets, and your layout for your own cj is due by Monday Feb. 8th. After all of these are completed I will put up a slide show..... (I hope)! This will be my first go at getting all fancy schmancy with slide shows and such so have a little patience.

Kathi's - 4 things I must take when traveling
Paula's - 3 favorite book characters
Elaine's- 4 things on your door welcome sign
Melissa's - 5 things I can not live without
Serene's - 4 unusual things you've done
Emma's- 3 favorite actors or actresses
Courtney's - 4 things I've repurposed for scrapbooking
Jessica's- 3 reasons why I love summer
Jenn's - 5 reasons I love being a woman
Lisa's - 4 things I miss while I am out of town
Jean's - 4 Verses that have spoken to you

Kathi you get a free week right off!

Can't wait to see what you all create!


Kathi said...

Ah, my feet are up and I'm sipping a nice hot chocolate. Thanks for the week off, Lisa! I had posted for "4" things you must have while traveling; however "3" will do. Or "5". Or "however many" you must have...

Lisa said...

Got it changed Kathi. Sorry about that! Enjoy some hot chocolate for me!

courtney said...

Oh boy, this is gonna be so much fun!
Thanks for the structured timeline, Lisa. We all know how badly I need that!

luv46kdz said...

allrighty, I am putting my thinking cap on and getting the creative juices flowing now!!

Kathi said...

Hey Lisa - would you post what we're doing for each sign-in page? If you already did, please tell me where! Call it A.G.E.; I cannot find or remember...