Monday, February 8, 2010

CJ Instruction Page

Oh my goodness I am feeling so rushed these days. I've got too much to do for some reason.

I've got just enough time to say here's my instruction page. I'll get the rest uploaded tonight I hope. I normally take my pictures around 1ish... the lighting is great back in my little room at that time of day.

Today though I didn't have time to get them all taken. I was having camera issues... operator not equipment... plus I have Zoey right now and I didn't want to put her up this morning... it made me sad so I left her out.... for some reason she has now taken to tearing things up. She didn't the first year of her life, but now, she is acting out I guess. Anyway, I didn't put her up... I had a little mess to clean at lunch.

And now, I must work so that I can fund my habit.

So, here's my instruction page... more to come later tonight.

Thanks Melissa for my Sweet Pea items. They are awesome! Felt flowers and leaves from Stampin Up.


courtney said...

Oh how very pretty! I love, love, love your butterfly!
Can't wait to see your page.

luv46kdz said...

Lisa, I love it! Your work is so beautiful. This is such a nice sign in page. I love seeing what you do, I learn a lot!

Melissa said...

Gorgeous, Lisa! And the Sweet Pea felt looks perfect on it, great choice. Glad you like them!

Susan said...

Beautiful, Lisa! I love that butterfly, it's gorgeous!

Elaine. said...

So beautiful, love it all and that felt, ohhh

Kathi said...

Very nice. The butterfly is FLY. Your page has beautiful dimension!

Serene said...

Ok, you've been holding out on me. That BLUE butterfly has my name all over it and I think you need to send it to me. Nah, just kidding. LOL I love this lo. Its simplicity is not only stylish, it's refreshing.