Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week #23-One Weekend Two Shots

Week #23 is upon us, and let me tell you... I've taken plenty of pictures the last few days! It was a busy weekend and if not having had 4 days off, well I'm not sure I would have survived it!

This shot is of a tree in my Mother's bedroom. I love the colors she uses on this tree... and of course it matches the colors in her bedroom.

This next shot...can you tell what it is?

Cotton! Growing in a field not to far from here.

You should have seen me getting this shot! I've got to get this scrapped so I can remember the story! I drove a little way down the dirt road, parked on the side, and trudged up the embankment to the fence... was not happy with that shot at all... it was the whole field and nothing I could do to change it. So finally, I got back in the car to head home and thought...nope, I'm getting the picture I want! Drove down the road a bit, found a gate that went into another field, not this one...and thought I'm getting this shot! Did I tell you I had on boots with about 3 inch heels? Spike heels at that! Oh, and a pretty white sweater? Out I go with camera in hand... found a place in the fence that the barbwire was loose... down on my butt I go and started crawling... had to take the sweater off, it kept getting caught...don't worry, I had on another shirt... into the pasture I crawled... minus a bit of hair...but I'm not liking the hair right now anyway, so that's ok... and man was the dirt soft! There was a little stumbling going on, because lets face it... I'm not to steady in spiked heels on a flat surface! You know what though... I'd do it again... it was so worth it! I did wonder how I'd explain myself if the farmer happened to show up while I was out in his field!

Anytime I see cotton growing it gives me such a warm feeling in my heart... reminds me of my grandparents and trips to their house!

Wishing you all a nice warm Tuesday evening! I'm off to work on my December Daily some more.


Melissa said...

You are too funny! I have never seen cotton growing.. looks pretty cool!

Dedra Long said...

I'm laughing out loud right now Lisa. We have cotton and corn fields all around us and I also love cotton. Makes me feel warm and cozy when I drive by the fields.
I too have done some CRAZY things to make sure I got a good shot. The things we will do, but it's TOTALLY worth it!
Your Mom's tree is fabulous and I LOVE your Dec. Daily. I can't wait to see more.


Serene said...

Oh my goodness! You had me cracking up. I could totally see you crawling and snagging your hair. You are too much but your efforts produced a great shot.

Lora Oliver said...

I totally was going to ask if you took this shot in your bra after your comment about leaving the sweater behind! Don't laugh, I know what people are willing to do for a picture! Love both of them, BTW!

luv46kdz said...

You're bust me up woman!! The first time I saw cotton was when I went to Mobile last year. Love the shot and of the tree. The lights look beautiful!

courtney said...

Love the colour of your mom's ornaments!
You are too funny, Lisa! Glad all that hard (and humourous) work paid off with a fabulous pic!