Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week #21- One Weekend-Two Shots

Here are my photos for week #21. I realize my photos have been lacking a little these last few weeks. While I'm still excited about this challenge, I know I haven't been giving it the attention I should! I must admit I'm feeling a little guilty about that.

This past weekend I really wanted to take some photos of color. Wonderful, glorious, can't live without it COLOR! I think I managed to capture some of that!

Buttons! I love buttons, though I must admit that I seldom use them. Digging through the bowl that I had them in just hasn't been appealing to me. This past weekend I went to my Grannie's house and came back with 7 vintage pieces of glassware. One of them even belonging to my great-grandmother. At first I had thought I'd clean them and put them in a cabinet in the kitchen.... then thinking how sad is that, they'll never be used. On the drive back home I thought...buttons! I can sort my buttons by color and display them on my new cubbys! (I'll be showing you those soon)

They work perfect! And... I Love Them! Now my buttons are sorted... out where I can see them, and, hopefully use them more!

This next picture, while I'm not sure if I used the correct setting on the camera, you can see how the sun is hitting half the pot and the other half is in the shade, the picture itself excites me! These are in my back yard, the geraniums have more blooms on them right now than they've had since May... and it's November 14th! (well, the photo was taken on the 14th) It should be cold outside and the flowers are all usually dead by now...but here it is, the middle of November, and I've got wonderful pink blooms!

Seeing these out my back door just makes me smile! I walk out there each day and just stare at these blooms! I'm so anxious to get started on this yard!

I did some creating over the weekend and worked some more on my scraproom. I have to say, it's all coming together. I'm waiting for a couple more things to arrive and then I think I might be nearing the end of it! Can't wait to get it finished and show you guys!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. As always, thank you for stopping by!


courtney said...

Oooooooh.....prettty!!! Great shots of colour. Your flowers are stunning, and the same colour as my purse!
Love the buttons and the use of your grannie's vintage glass. Can't wait to see your studio when it's done!

Barb said...

Wowser! Great colors!! I am so glad you decided to use those vintage bowls. You will appreciate them so much more and think of them whenever you look at them. What colors. Bet you start using the buttons now!!

That bush is beautiful!! I know you love it sitting outside your door. I remember you saying how you love to go out and see your flowers in the morning. Well, now you have them...in abundnce!!!

Serene said...

What a great idea that is for using those family heirloom bowls to house your very colorful button collection. I'm sure they will dress up your scraproom and allow you easy access to those pretty buttons.

That's some pink on those flowers. I'm sure they make you smile seeing them all a-bloom like that.