Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week #20 shots

Here are my photos for Week #20.

A splash of color to go with the painting.

A little something sent home from my Grannie's.

I really need to get a picture of the living room now that it has almost reached it's finished stage. I'll try to remember to do that this weekend during the day when the lighting is better. Plus, I do need a picture of it now for my album that I will someday make.... hmmmm, hope I'm still living here when I get it made and the kids haven't moved me into some home.

Speaking of kids, they are all doing just great! So good in fact, I find that right now I'm not having to worry about them any. Ahhhh, no wonder I've been sleeping so good the last few days.

Jessica is doing well in school, and the days she doesn't have class she's getting to sub. She is actually getting paid to teach! She's been elected vice president of the NHS at her campus and we will be going to a ceremony for it later this month. Josh has been hired by a company on base and is still able to take the classes he is in. He is officially out of the air force and just returned from his first weekend with the reserves. Matt is doing well in school also. He seems to be enjoying it which is a blessing. He's met a nice young lady and seems to be returning to his old self again. It's a nice feeling, not being so worried about one of them or all of them. While I don't like having to watch them stumble or fall, it is a pleasure to watch them through this journey as the become adults.

Right now, life is peaceful, and that is a wonderful thing!

Blessings to all!


Serene said...

Oooh oooh, I see blue! Lisa actually has blue in her livingroom. Yay! What a pretty bouquet you made and I love that you included blue. Makes me feel like you did it just for me. (Sssshh, I know you didn't but you don't have to pop my bubble and tell me you didn't!) LOL

So nice to hear that the kids are doing well. Good for them! What a nice feeling of peace that must give you.

Barb said...

Great that your kids are doing so well. Isn't that a wonderful feeling???

Love your pics for this week. It is so nice to see color and we are moving into a very colorful season!!

Waiting for the pics of the living room.

Is MY room done yet? Remember, if I come for a visit, I need to match my sleepwear to the room. I LOVE to fit in!!! LOL

Melissa said...

Oooh, do I get a room too?? I'd buy PJs for the occasion!

Glad to hear the kids are doing so well! Hey, if they want to put you a home, you can come live with me. :)