Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Almost finished.

Ahhh, last night I started getting out my Christmas Decorations. While it might be a tad bit earlier than I normally put them out, I need to get the totes emptied so we can put them up in the attic and out of the way. No need to take them up, only to bring them back down in a few days.

After I started unpacking I looked around and thought, I've never taken any photos of the living room and put them on the blog. I mean after all, Barb needs to know what the living room looks like in case she wants to color coordinate some clothes!

I'm really not yet finished with it, but I wanted to go ahead and post pics, I'm sure I'll post some of all Christmas decorations after I get them up.

And please, see the 3 piece picture on the wall. You can really tell me if you think it's a bit too much. I understand, really!! I think it's a bit too much with all of the blue, but David loves it... and when you are married you have to give a little. He's really so very good to me, so agreeing to this set was really a no brainer for me.

We are going to lower the pictures. I think that would help a bit if they are lower. Think I'll look for different pillows, not sure yet, but think that might help. I have a bit of mixed feelings on the pictures. While I do like them and really like the abstract, I just thought the colors didn't work with what I had going. But... they do keep the room from being so dark.... they do bring a bit of vivid color into the room, and we all know how I love color! I did add some blue flowers to the vase below the pictures, and am thinking perhaps if I put another vase with flowers and straw stuff over in the corner behind the table and lamp that will help take some of the color to the other side of the room. I've had mostly reds, golds, and browns going in there so far. I wasn't overly crazy about the gold at first, but it was what was used on all the fixtures. Unless you are very wealthy, you work with what you have, and if you don't like it, then slowly replace it. Although now, I'm kinda liking it. The furniture isn't leather. It's that microfiber stuff, but it's so comfy!

Here I'm standing over by the back door.

This wall paper was already there. It's another thing that I'm not so crazy about.. but David likes the 3D look of it. It does work with my colors and makes me think of the North Pole. With the holidays approaching it works perfect. However, it might just find itself replaced in a few years. We'll see. In these next two photos I'm standing in front of the fireplace.

Behind the couch is a tiled entry way I guess you can call it. You can see the gold light hanging down. In the picture it looks as if it might be hanging over the couch, but it's not. In front of the window there, I've put a sofa table.

Here I'm behind the couch. This is another area that needs a little more added to it. I'll have framed photos up on the mantel and top of the tv. David is wanting to get a new tv, a flatscreen I think along with a stand, so that will change. It's not going to be anytime soon, so until then I will have photos on top of the tv as well. I absolutely love the art work over the fireplace. I need to take a close up picture of it and post it so you can see it better. Of course the plant by the fireplace will be moved before long.
These next two pictures I'm standing over by the front door, next to the doorway going into David's music room. You can see the hallway, if you take a left you go straight into the guest bedroom.... which is now Matt's...but he's willing to give it up for Barb! Take a right down the hall and you will find the guest bathroom... keep going and you end up in my scraproom!

Behind David's recliner is a built in bookcase that I forgot to get pics of. I'll show you that after I get my Christmas decorations up.
Honestly, I'd love for you guys to tell me what you really think. I'm struggling a little with trying to get the picture to blend in. As I said, I think maybe different pillows will help, or possibly a vase behind that one end table. The pillows are what came with the furniture and I'm not attached to them. Part of the reason I've made this post is for your input. The pictures are there to stay, for several years anyway, David truly loves them, so I just need to find a way to make it work. If you think it's fine now, then you can say that. All I ask is that you don't tell me it looks fabulous if you are sitting in front of your computer saying... OMG, how atrocious! No smoke blowing up my rear!
I think it's really coming together. I've had fun looking for pieces to put in the house... just wish I had all the money to do it RIGHT NOW! I am not known for my patience. I do know that I've got to get as much of it done these next few months as I can....for when spring hits... all my monies will be being spent on the outside!! But then again, adding pieces here and there over the years is what normally happens in most homes.

I'm really looking forward to reading your comments... so please, don't be shy!


Melissa said...

Hmm.. can you work a little more blue into the room? I know you don't like blue too much, but I feel it's the color that sticks out the most in that 3-piece painting. The yellow does, too.. can you fit some warm yellow? Maybe those colors would work into your pillows. Or as accents on the tables. I agree that you might want to bring some color over to the other side. Is your bookshelf full? Maybe you could put some decorative accents on there.

I do like the artwork over the fireplace, too, from what I can see!

Barb said...

I really love the three pictures. But if it were me I would pull some of those beautiful vivid colors in pillows on the couch. Like you said it would pull the colors around the room.

But I like it very much.

Don't have to worry about clothes for this room. I'm covered!! LOL

Love the pics. Now I know where my friend spends her time!!!

Jessica said...

You know my thoughts.. just not used to blue in your living room.... butttttttt now we get to.. HOPEFULLY decorate my house :) but i dont want to jinx it until its FINAL!

love you

Elaine. said...

ok, I am enlarging every picture. And then I will write my comments, as I love this big house, vs my tiny cottage. I think your living room is the size of my house. Wow!
I love the colors. <3

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures and your new home, Lisa! I agree with Barb and Melissa that you could make the colorful picture blend in if you added punches of color on your sofas with pillows and/or throws. How about a shelf above the picture with some items that bring out the yellow and blue since you're going to lower the pictures anyway. Just some suggestions but it's really a lovely room! Thanks for sharing!

Sandi Smith (MM Forum)

courtney said...

Love the painting, and the artwork over the mantle. They, along with the other accents in the room seem to have similar colours, so some accent pillows in more of those colours should help a lot. Lowering the paintings might help too.
Coming along great, Lisa!

Serene said...

I think it's just lovely. You've done a wonderful job of choosing furniture and decorating. The artwork is very pleasing as are all the touches of green from your plants. May you have many years of happiness in that beautiful house.

luv46kdz said...

Ok, the pic is gorgeous. I think the wall color needs to be maybe a light butterscotch or a very pale pumpkin type color like in the pic. Pillows with those colors as well, and the curtains need to be different too. Maybe plantation shutters? I feel like it's competing with the wallpaper too much. I love the couch. Just beautiful. The tables are great!

Jenn said...

Lisa, I thinks it looks pretty good. I love the 3 piece picture as well as the artwork above the mantle! I agree with the other ladies about pulling some of those colors into the pillows. But it truly looks great!