Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be warned!

Because I am jumping up on my soapbox here!

It's called etiquette, rules of society, things your momma taught you!  Call it what you want!

It's 2011, and many many many people do not have landlines in their homes anymore.  Instead they
have cell phones.  I'm one of those people, makes sense to us.  Why pay for something you don't need.  Or why pay for something twice. 

Think back to when everyone had a land line.  If you moved into your home and called to have your land line hooked up, where is one of the places you would have a phone installed?  Your bedroom, right?  In case there was an emergency and someone needed to call in the night. 

Well, I for one, not having a land line, take my phone and put it by my bed each night... as does David.  We have kids and parents, and you just never know.  My phone is not left in my purse or in the kitchen, or anywhere else in my house.  It is by my bed each and every single night.

Don't you think if it is too LATE or too EARLY to call someone on the telephone because it is not an emergency then they same rule should apply to TEXT MESSAGING!  I mean really, it's the same thing as calling.  If it wakes me from a dead sleep then you can bet it has scared me, not to mention irritated the heck out of David... and that is putting it nicely!

Honestly, am I the only one who thinks this way?  Does no one else believe there should be rules and consideration?  I mean just because you are up at 6am doesn't mean I am, and you wouldn't be calling me on the phone at 6am to tell me a joke you just heard.

Oh, and Bug, because I know you read this, I'm not talking about messages that I got a few weeks ago in the middle of the night from Mr. Greene. He was very worried and very scared.

Alrighty, think I'm done now.  Climbing down off the soapbox!


Melissa said...

Oh I agree! I've gotten random text messages in the middle of the night before.. I'm glad I don't have a custom ringtone for my text alert!

Cell phones can be so irritating in general.. don't get me started on that!

Lora Oliver said...

I hear you exactly, Lisa! I was raised that you do not call before 9am or after 9pm. It is rude and so are text messages. We had a friend in NYC send my DH a text at 7am her time one morning, not realizing he doesn't put his phone on silent mode during the night. It was 4am our time and what is the point of silent mode at night?

Barb said...

ADD ME TO THAT TOO!! I was raised, also, that you don't call before 9 AM and not after 9 PM unless an absolute emergency!! Period.

We are cheapies and don't do text like everyone else, but I sure would consider that the exact same thing as a phone call. DON'T DO IT!!!

And my cell goes with me to the bed stand also!!!

Susan said...

I can barely remember to turn on and use the cell phone that I do have. In fact, it's sat in my purse for weeks at a time, before; unused. But I CAN totally relate to the phone thing. My only problem is that with four girls in my home; the house phone generally rings from about 3pm until 8pm - nonstop. And that's not counting weekends. :/

courtney said...

Scott gets mad if I don't catch a text while he's at work, so I'll leave it out, but then I'll forget about it when I go out (cuz it's just supposed to be in my purse) then he'll try to catch me when I'm out and get mad because I left it on the coffee table and am unreachable...haha, can't win, can I?
If I know someone keeps their cell on them at all times, I text or call during reasonable times, if I know they are like me, I text when I think of it. If I'm not sure, I'll roll the dice that I'll remember later when I know they can answer right away.