Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No clever title...

Or any clever words! Today is just one of those days that I feel like I've been going around in circles and have gotten nothing done! Every step I take forward, I end up taking 4 back! Not 2...but 4! Today I need a personal assistant! Would anyone like to apply? Only qualifications needed is you must be able to organize post it notes... cause I live by them! Pay isn't very good, but I'm sure we can work something out, like me paying you with scrap supplies!

It is a Joe Bonamassa day! If you don't know who he is... look him up. The man can play guitar! He's got a lot of the blues going on, and on today's like today, I will play "Bridge To Better Days" over and over and over! It doesn't take me long listening to his guitar playing until I'm smiling, bopping in my chair, and have forgotten all the backward steps that happened!

So, we'll just get right to the good stuff. This layout I've been trying to get created for some time now, but just kept putting it off. I was needing pictures for it, and finally just stood in front of the mirror and took them myself. I've had it finished for a few months, just haven't posted it. Although, I have now framed it and hung it on my scraproom wall. Sitting on top of the frame are my two little frogs from Lora! They just look too cute up there and bring me huge smiles!

Sorry I don't have the names of all the products used here, but I believe most of it is from my Studio Calico November add-on kit.  Well not the Nothing is Impossible sticker or the Prima flowers.  I'm really trying to do a better job of keeping up with the products I use.

Can I get a WOOT WOOT!  Here's a layout for Jessica's Sr Album.  Talk about going back in time.  Most of the product used was pulled from my old stash of supplies.  I did some hand cutting on this one, used the cricut to make the cupcake, have a little stickles on here.  American Crafts Thickers and Glitz letter stickers.  A random stamp and ribbon.  

That's it for now.  Hoping to finish up another layout tonight for the Sr. Album.  Plus, I shall patiently be awaiting all of your Personal Assistant Applications.  This might be the perfect job for a retired person.  **cough cough**

Have a wonderful evening!


Melissa said...

HEY! I want to be your personal assistant! :)

Beautiful layouts! Really liking the yellow and fun, bright colors on the first one! Look at your beautiful smiling face!

Second one is so fun, too.. love the pop of teal/blue against the richer colors. Yay for you creating!!

Lora Oliver said...

Yay!!! Knowing the frogs make you smile, makes me smile! That is probably the highlight of my day. Such a gorgeous LO. Love Crate Paper Restoration line. One of my all time faves.

The Sr. LO so lively. I love your embellie groupings and color combo.

Barb said...

I'm applying! I'm applying!!! I am so good with post it notes because I have had years of training!!! I finally had to use those super sticky ones because I kept some notes around so long I was always having to make new ones so they would still stick!!! Now doesn't that qualify me??

Love your LO, sweetie. You are so adorable!!! And LOVE your goals. And they are really goals because they are measurable. I hate goals like I want to read more. You can't tell if you reached that goal. You can't measure it!! KWIM?? LOL I know you will make it!!

I love frogs...second only to my giraffes. I use it because to me it means: F ully R elying O n G od!! So now I keep all my frogs around!!!

Elaine. said...

Wow, love those photo's of you and the layout, great lists, great design, and if post it notes didn't lose their stickiness, I would apply and work for scraps, haha!

Serene said...

Well, I'm loving that you're using blue. Nor surprise there, you knew I would, didn't you?

I like that big ol' blue circle - looks like a sun to me. I love how you echoed the colors in your paper choices and in your embellies. Very happy los!

Susan said...

First of all - I want to be your personal assistant - I work for scraps! ;)
Loving that layout of you, fabulous pictures, fabulous colors, just fabulous!
Lovin' those colors on you other layout too!!!

courtney said...

Pretty layout, great self-photography! I also love the blue circle, but to me, it looks like a photo of the sky...not sure why...
And great job on the LO for Jess' album. I am lovin' that cupcake! Good work, plugging away at that album still.
Can I be your personal assistant? Not sure how well I work with post-its....Kelsey steals all of mine before I get to use them....but if you pay in scraps, that's enough motivation for me to get good with them really quickly!

luv46kdz said...

Lisa, this lo is beyond beautiful!! I love it lady just great.

Isn't it nice to go back in time and scrap those pics. You did great, this is going to be an awesome album for Jess.