Monday, June 15, 2009

It's a Mystery Box

It's been a few days since I've posted on here. I'm not sure why. I haven't been really scrapping. Haven't worked in my flowers, although I sure need to. I just can't seem to find any motivation to do anything. I have a bad bad case of the "I don't cares". I'm fairly certain I know why I have them, just not sure what to do about it.

I have however been working a lot lately, which is a good thing. I did take off work early Friday, only to come home and clean house and do some laundry. That's ok, it meant I didn't have to do it over the weekend. David was able to work on music Friday and it went well. I was very happy for him. Looks like he may start making some progress on his project. Plus, the cable company gave us free HBO and Cmax. I believe it started Friday and goes through tonight. I have been taking advantage of that free thing, let me tell ya. That's why I didn't get anything else done... good thing I cleaned house on Friday isn't it!

I haven't really made much in the last few weeks to share with you. I did however place an order today. Some friends gave me a gift certificate for my birthday and I ordered a whole parcel of paper today with it. Mostly Bazzill, it's my new love...but I did order a few sheets of Bo Bunny and a few of Basic Grey. They had some pretty stripes and some nice summer pages too. So I can't wait for that to come in. Oh oh oh... and I ordered two new stacks from DCWV a couple of weeks ago and those came in too. The summer line, very pretty. We can thank Carrie for that one!

I also received this nice big box in the mail late last week. It was from a swap I am in.... A Mystery Box is what it is called. Thank you Jessica! She made all the delightful items for me. She is getting quite good with her scrapping skills. Jessica comes from a family of scrappers. Her mother Joy and sister Carrie. (Yes that's the same Carrie that causes me to spend half of David's money on scrap stuff. The other half gets spent thanks to Elaine. They are the world's biggest enablers.) Sorry, got off topic there didn't I! Jessica did a fabulous job on everything that was in my box. I was so very thrilled with it. And here's the best part.... I can use everything in it! So let this show you that joining a swap with 100 people in it and getting partnered with one of 3 you know can be a very good thing! Thanks Jessica! You ROCK Girl!

This first picture is of cards that she made. We were to make 2 boy birthday cards and 2 girl birthday cards. They turned out great Jessica.

We were to also make 2 each of inchies, twinchies, and trinchies that coordinate. Jessica used a beach theme which will come in great for my Florida beach layouts. The trinchies are below.

Here are a couple of Tiggers, who I love. Two dice die cuts and two Vegas layouts. These will be great for my Vegas book. Thanks so much for doing those Jess.

Now in this picture are the trinchies, an altered picture frame, (see the guitar.)Two other altered boxes, one of them the heart. A mini album. The journal tag/box, my name cut out and embellished with buttons....isn't it too cute, another card, and a tag. Did I leave anything out? I didn't even get everything in the pictures. She did a great job didn't she!

Now this little gem was in the package as well, but made by Joy for my birthday. It was for the birthday swap that we are doing and is just precious. I don't know yet what pictures I am going to put in it, but I can't stop looking at it. I just love it. I've got the pictures backwards and to lazy to change them right now... but if you look at the bottom one you see how it's a pair of flip flops. Notice the colors. Then when you open it up it has all the places that you can put little thumbnail pictures. It's just so cute.... so cute!

Jessica also made me an altered lunch box with a mini album inside for my birthday. It's really cute and I'm hoping to get pictures up of it later this week.

So to the Smith Ladies, thank you so very much for giving me such an enjoyable box to dive into. You are a couple of very talented ladies and I'm proud to be your friend.

Also, in case you didn't know.... it's awesome having scrapbook buddies when it's your birthday!

Thanks for stopping by.


Carrie said...

Hey! I don't make you buy anything, I just simply let you know about the new stuff, I am no way responsible for you buying it! BTW, did you see the two new lines by Piggy Tales?
Wow! Jessica really did a good job with your box you got some great stuff there and its so great when you can really use it all. Its also nice to see her gaining so many skills
I just love the flip flop book, it is so cute! The colors and the embellies are so cute it is going to be even cuter when you add pictures to it!
Now go look at the new know ya want to!

courtney said...

Beautiful stuff, I'm envious!

Elaine said...

Jess did a great job. What a cool flip flop book, everything is wonderful. Glad you placed some orders. Hope you like it, if not, we are all here for your purges. Free cable stations, I'd been recording and watching and vegging. Sounds like you are enjoying it.
How do you get such wonderful close up pictures. I need your photography skills.

luv46kdz said...

Wow, what great stuff that Jessica made you!! We are lucky to have each other, now if only we could cut out the other states that separate us and pull in real close, all would be perfect!

Love the flip flop pic album that is just adorable!