Thursday, June 4, 2009

Busy is good. Right??

I made it through the day.. not sure how. It has been so busy at work, I can't even describe it. It's so busy at work I'm having to actually work.... ok. Not that I don't work all the time.... hmmm I'm hoping no one reads this....eeekkkk.

I was trying to tell my scrappin' sista's how busy I'd been... just cause I don't think they believe me. I have been using this excuse for a few days now and one of them even made mention that she thought I'd found new friends. I wont say which one said that, but she lives in Canada and her blog is called Courtney Embellished, you can find it on the list to the right. Anyway, I thought by golly I'll just take my camera back to work with me and take pictures of all these stacks. I think the whole thought of taking pictures came about because I was making mention of how I even had stacks in the floor! See the pics below... look under the table! Well after I took the pictures, then I thought oh my I can't put these on my blog. Someone will see them and think I keep my office like that all the time....which I don't... I've just been so busy. But then I thought, well if I don't post the pictures then they really wont believe me. So that you understand a little of it before you see the pictures this is just one aspect of my job.... but each paper gets handled 5 times by me before it is done.... crazy I know.

But it's not all bad... I do have a really nice window to look out all day long. Which prompted me to take these next pictures. This is my view all day long. I love it in the spring and summer. It's not to bad in the winter either. They decorate for all the holidays. Probably not as much as I would if I had that yard. Oh Wow! Anyway, it's a B&B and I love looking at the flowers during the day.

Not a bad view huh?

And...... I wanted to show you what the UPS guy brought by today at lunch while David and I were home. The UPS, such a nice man, knocked on the door and outside I found this box.....

Looks mighty big doesn't it? YEA ME!! So I bring it in and David is going what is that? At first I wasn't sure and then I was like it's my Purple Cow! Of course David has this look on his face like I've lost my mind.

I know... cool huh! I'm about to wet my pants in eagerness because I can't wait to get it out of the box!! But I wanted to write on my blog first and post my pictures of the office so Courtney would know I haven't found new friends.

Ok, off to try and go take pictures of this most fabulous birthday present I rec'd in the mail a couple of weeks ago from Jenn. She is so talented...wait until you see it!


Elaine said...

Ok, I will give you this, you have a lot of paper, but I will also say in the storm, it is very organized, just don't let the wind blow. I like the office, nice to see it, but wonder why there are no scrapping pics on the wall, some wonderful decor. Probably don't have time, sorting the piles, picking one and finishing it just in time to grow another pile. If only those were our gardens, could you imagine, the fast growth. And I love that B&B, nice view truly nice. And now I've seen the purple cow, never seen that around here. Where's the paper that accidently was ordered?
Gives a new meaning to being swamped with swaps of something other than scrapping, eh.

Elaine said...

I hope my comment was posted, I wrote a book.

Lora Oliver said...

Lisa, you know that taking pictures of your new friend's office doesn't count right? J/K Hopefully you are able to get that paper issue out of your office before end of day tomorrow.

Susan said... you handle paper all day long, then you come home and want to play with paper? You must really like paper. :P
You'll have to give us a review of your new Purple Cow!

Carrie said...

Wow! Guess you really are busy and you now have the pictures to prove it. You have a lot of paper and stacks, no reason you have to use the ground. Oh your view...that place is beautiful! Yea! For the purple cow, you will love it

VanHuis Family said...

That makes me want to take pictures of my desk when I get busy at work! I don't get nearly as much paper, but I make stacks like that too. Hmmm...looking around, I've actually got some stacks piled up that I keep procrastinating on doing. Maybe I should bring my camera into the office with me. I could take pictures before my boss gets here so he doesn't give me a crazy look and ask what the heck I'm doing!

courtney said...

Just had to call me out, didn't you? lol
Beautiful view, try not to gawk at it too much or you'll never get through all that paper.

luv46kdz said...

Thank you for sharing a big part of your day with us! I like your office and the view is wonderful. I also like that purple cow, so much prettier than the manly looking one I have.