Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Come On Universe!

Can we catch a break please?? PLEASE?

It's not even 9am yet and already my frustration level is at a +20... and that's on a scale of 1-10!

As some of you know Matt's been without a job since oh I don't know... a good 4 months I think. At first he wasn't looking because he was going into the Navy, they turned him down for medical reasons. I have mixed feelings over that but it is what it is. So now he's been looking and has an interview scheduled ok... you with me so far. Well he got a ticket a couple of weeks ago for not wearing a seat belt because even though it's the law it doesn't look cool! Right now the town he lives in has the clicket or ticket program going on. Since he didn't clickit... he got the ticket! Anyway, I tell him go down to the city and see about a payment plan or an extension cause I don't have the money right now... summer tuition, need I say more, didn't think so. He goes down there, gets an extension for a month....great...but then this man says do you have a job? Matt tells him no, the guy says we have this program, you work off your ticket. Matt says tell me more. Sooooooo, Matt says sign me up. Calls me and says MOM... you don't have to pay my ticket. I'm going to work it off, I'll only have to work like a day an a half. He goes back to the city to sign up.... so much for the day an a half... it's now 3 an a half days. Well ok, he has nothing else to do and this will keep David and I from having to pay the ticket. Then he gets the call, can we schedule an interview. So Matt not wanting to tell his potiential new boss what he's having to do schedules the interview for Thurs morning at 10am. Good plan he thinks. He calls me, we talk about it. WRONG! He shows up at the city this morning and tells them he has this interview to go to in the morning and should he come in afterwards, if they offer him the job can we pay the difference on the ticket or do we pay it in full, how does this work? Well this is how it works....
Lady: I'm sorry sir you will not be able to take off and go.
Lady: You can not miss for any reason at all except for illness and then you must bring a doctors note.
Lady: Those are the rules sir.
Matt: Ok, well then maybe I should just stick with the payment extension because I need to go to this interview tomorrow.
Lady: No sir. If you do not stay and work as discussed you must pay the fine in full immediately or go to jail.
Lady: Those are the rules sir.

Text message from Matt to me: This stuff is so stupid I so regret this decision and they said no I cant go to interview in morning
Text message from me to Matt: EXCUSE ME?

I mean come on people. Do you not realize that he is there because he DOES NOT have a job and that he NEEDS a job! A good way to get one is to be able to go to the interview. HELLO!

After exchanging several text messages with Matt, his final two to me say: I am going to try an alternate plan. then: We are good dont worry.
Ok, I'm a little worried!

The one certain thing I know, I threatened his life if he ever fails to put on his seat belt again!


Elaine said...

Excuse me is such a nice term. I don't get it. And Matt is trying so hard. I hope the alternate plan works. And he wears his seat belt. Good luck, L.

VanHuis Family said...

That's crazy! We've got the clikit or ticket laws here too. I hope everything works out for your son.

Carrie said...

Wow! You can work it off but you can't miss to get a job to help pay for it and if you decide to change you have to pay in full, with what?? Some people are just crazy! Curious as to what this alternate plan is...hope it is legal!

Susan said...

Uggghh, talk about a catch 22. That's just crazy. Hope everything works out for him!

courtney said...

It's wonderful they have these different options, just too bad they don't have more flexibility and realistic expectations. He's not trying to screw them around, and as long as he's willing to work with them, why wouldn't they just return the favour?
Hope his alternate plan works out!

Joy said...

I agree that is good that they those plans but I think they should have something for a job interview. Jobs are hard to come by any interview you get is nothing short of a miracle. I hope it all works out