Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Ramblings

I can't believe that it's almost Monday again. It's been a busy weekend, busy doing what I'm not exactly sure! I do not think I've accomplished much.

I did sort a swap that I was hosting, and that was a chore. It was in groups with several in each group. The problem was that some of the swappers didn't send in enough items, which left me short in a few groups. There's that question that all hostesses ask, what should I do. I didn't want to send any back or make a big issue about it.. after all it is supposed to be fun! So, I tried to fix it best I could and and I think it will be ok. We are a pretty laid back understanding group of swappers at Memory Makers. You sure don't ever find anyone there calling someone out, but enough of that! The swap is swapped, no longer taking up space in my living room floor and going postal!

Yesterday David and I went for a motorcycle ride and were out looking to see if any new houses were up for sale. Discovered another one that I liked had sold. It's just as well, it wouldn't have worked for us, but oh the things I could have done in that yard! We were out in one area of town that is really pretty and has a country feel to it. We do like it out there, one of the reasons being that your neighbors are not on top of you. Going down a dead end road there was a house at the end of the road that was for sale. I didn't even see the for sale sign because I was feared for my life at this point. There was a dog that was out and he starts coming for us, chasing us and barking. He was right there at our legs and I didn't know if he was going to bite us or run in front of the bike and cause us to wreck. Since the road was a dead end right there we had to deal with getting by the dog twice. Needless to say neither one of us has a clue what that house looks like!

In other doggie news, Ms Kiara got a bath yesterday. She pouts so when she gets one.

Until you put her down and she gets to shake and rub herself on the floor. She's a silly little thing! Here she's out on the front porch, got her eyes shut and about to go in that full shake sling water everywhere! You know what I mean.

I have something to share with you. Something most wonderful. Jenn from Memory Makers is quite the talented scrapper. I had already figured this out a few months ago when she was my secret sister. She made me the cutest mini album from paper bags. I need to put pics of it up for you all to see. But this month for the birthday swap she sent me what I think is called an exploding box/album??? I'm not sure of it's name and feel free to correct me someone. Anyway, it's adorable. I have to admit that when I first took it out of the box I thought that it was a small box like you would put something inside. I thought it was very cute, I love the colors she used. When I took the lid off, I squealed and clapped my hands! Really.
Just look... I haven't put pictures in it yet, but I will be soon.

Isn't it just too cute! Thank you so much Jenn! I just love it! And now, we are in a picture swap together and I get to send my pictures to her for her to create the layouts. I just know they will be amazing!

I should start getting things ready for bed. I'm afraid it's going to be a long days at the office this week.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


courtney said...

Wow, that exploding box is so very cool! Jenn certainly is talented. Why, oh why didn't I join this swap? Oh yeah, cuz I can't do cool stuff like that! lsh
Poor little Kiara....she just knows she doesn't look her majestic self without her mane. I love how crazy-wild dogs get after a bath.

Elaine said...

Great box, what a cool ideal. And so glad Kiara is sweet smelling and happy again. Tell her I think she looks cute wet. Glad the dog did not bite you during your bike ride. Guess that's not the house or street you want to live on.

Joy said...

Love the box I also wanted to try to make one but never attempted to do so, Good for you Jenn.
Poor Kiara she looks so little and sacred, tell her Molly said Hi. Wag Wag

Carrie said...

I never realized how little Kiara really was, she is so cute! She looks like she is going to have fun shaking off all that water and fluffing her fur back out.

That box that Jenn made you is so cool. I have seen them before in stores made by other people but never knew someone that could actually make it and hers is so much better then the ones I have seen. She is very talented and you are very lucky to have a box like that and her to do your layouts!

luv46kdz said...

I luv that box! Jenn is a very talented scrapper. I'm sure your pics will be beautiful in her talented hands!

Poor Kiara, ZuZu looks like that in the tub too! So sad and dejected. Santino says she looks like a chihuahua.

Luv Paula

Susan said...

What a great box! I wish I had the patience to do one of those. And what a cute doggie, too.