Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Snow??? What???

The weather man says there is more snow on the way today. Is he kidding me? Do the snow fairies not know that we've had our quota for about 5 years? If we wanted this much snow....we'd move to an area where it was expected!
But by golly .... we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! I have a feeling Jessica will never ask for one again. The snow just really threw a kink in all our plans.... along with hundreds of other people. We were some of the lucky ones, while we might not have been able to all be together on Christmas, at least we were all safe in our own homes. So many were stranded out on the side of the road for the duration of Christmas Eve night. Many were taken to shelters of some type, spending the night in churches... not being able to get to the family they were traveling to or able to get back home. I think it's safe to say for so many that this is one Christmas that will not be quickly forgotten.

While ours was a bit different, it was still filled with family and love. David's mother arrived before the blizzard hit and the airport was shut down. She flew in on Wed. which happens to be her birthday, and that evening David and I along with his Aunt LouAnn took his mother out to eat. We came back home and the game playing began! We played chicken foot dominoes that night, with the rest of the weekend spent playing Hand and Foot Canasta. We laughed and had lots of fun... not to mention we even learned a few things. Why we all now know where freckles come from!

Jessica and Josh made it in Wed night and couldn't get out until Christmas Day. They were to be at Josh's family Christmas Eve night and couldn't make it. So we had Christmas with them on Christmas Eve...with Jessica calling Matt every few minutes. Matt was stuck home... alone... every see the movie Home Alone? That was Matt! He has discovered that grill cheese sandwiches aren't so great to eat at Christmas when everyone else is having Turkey and Dressing!

Matt calls about 3pm on Christmas Day saying the roads are open... I'm coming that way! Jess and Josh talk and figure if the roads are open they should head out since she has to work a double the next day. They never made it to Josh's family and will be having their Christmas with them today. So, we finish our game of Canasta... get Jess and Josh packed up and begin to pace knowing all 4 are on the road. Finally... a few hours later... Josh & Jess make it home and Matt & Emma arrive! We quickly explain the rules of the game to them and begin to play another round.

We had our Christmas with Matt & Emma Christmas night and all hope that we never have to do it this way again. If any of us ever wondered how it'd feel to be apart on Christmas or if we'd miss each other... lets just say, there's no doubt in any of our minds or hearts the love that we all feel for each other!

Here a few pictures of the snow that fell in Texoma on Christmas Eve! I'll have more to share later... perhaps with a few Josh stories! He kept us entertained!

Our Tree!

The start of the blizzard!

Zoey and her first snow... was sent out to potty.... she is trying to figure out how to get back up on the porch... I had to go get her.

Jess & Josh leaving... see how deep the snow is. It is up to her door.

Matt & David with their Santa hats... minus Josh and his! See... the snow didn't just mess with our Christmas get together... it messed with future layouts!

I look out my window and still see snow everywhere... and this is 5 days later! With more to come.... Sheesh! Come on spring!

Wishing you all a fabulous day!


Elaine said...

WOW! What a tree and what presents. And love those snowmen/women collection. What presents. WOW. And the blizzard, how fun for you to have a white, and again, another blast of white for the upcoming New Year. Glad the kids made it and got home ok. Sounds like a lot of fun for all, and hope Elaine had a wonderful time. More pictures, more pictures...where is that OK Snowman?

luv46kdz said...

Your tree looks magnificent!!! Oh Lisa, I don't miss the snow, if I want it that bad I can drive 25 minutes up the mountain.

Matt and David look so cute int there hats! Poor Zoey, ZuZu doesn't even like to go out in the rain!

I will say this, it looks so peaceful when the snow envelopes the street with its quiet beauty!

courtney said...

Beautiful tree, Lisa! And love the Santa hats! You know, it looks as though we switched weather patterns for Christmas, there was hardly any snow up here in the Great White North. Sorry it messed with your family time....but at least you still had time with everyone and all of your family was safe and cozy for the holidays.

Carrie said...

What a beautiful tree and the hats are too funny. Sorry the snow played such a pain in all your plans. Poor Zoey not knowing what to do about the snow...glad you have a great christmas.