Saturday, December 12, 2009

Order by the 15th!

Can you believe it is only 13 days until Christmas? I was checking emails this morning and had several that said please order by the 15th in order to have delivery by Christmas. I thought... no problem... that's still several days away...until the next email said "Be sure to order by Monday, December 15th" and I was like HUH? HTH? (how'd that happen)
So now.....I'm pulling out my sheet trying to see what I've ordered and still need to order. If it's Amazon then that's ok...I have even a few more days there...but had all better be ordered by next Friday! That's NEXT Friday!

Today I'm going to spend wrapping and possibly I might go downtown and visit a few of the shops here. I've been wanting to do that and today just might be the perfect day for that! Spending a little money here at home is always a good thing... support the merchants ya know!
At some point and time I am going to have to venture out to the mall! ICK!

Here's my next page in my mother's album. The pictures are of my grandparents... I do miss them. I love this picture of my grandmother.... her can just see her laughing... it's like one of those moments you just get lucky and capture. It's not the stiff looking pose... it's just so natural and carefree! I used a couple of tags here... one I made one came from a swap I was in.
Also used some of my button flowers I used. I debated on using them here...they don't really have a vintage look to them and I'm sure I could have done a little distressing on them... but I think they work ok. An eyelet border punch and then a rub on, which I rarely use.... and I called this one done. It was simple, yet just flowed really well.

The paper behind my papa here I made from I think cream cardstock. I stamped it with a postcard stamp then did some serious ink distressing with Tim Holtz Distress Inks... a whole lot of blending..... distressing the edges and SHAZAM.... looks like a postcard from the 40's!

Here I took a chipboard star.... painted it.... wrapped some Bazzill thread/yarn around it and then tied a Tim Holtz embellie to the end of it. Not sure you can tell from the picture but the metal piece says 'Life'.
Guess if I'm going to get to wrapping presents and do a little shopping I need to get up and get after it. Morning will be gone soon.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Melissa said...

Beautiful, Lisa. I love all of the details you put into your layouts, and the "postcard" looks gorgeous.

Elaine said...

Wow, is that a new stamp? I love the pictures also. What a beautiful couple. The lo is perfect. This is already a great album. Love the star.

luv46kdz said...

Sssshhhh, if you don't say it maybe the time will freeze ;).

Wow, Lisa you are amazing! I love what you're doing. This technique looks fantastic. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for always inspiring me.

I love you lady!

Anonymous said...

I just love the lo. I'm glad to see that you are using your lovely button flowers. I also like how you used white brads that look just like the polka dotted paper. Nice touch there!