Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are you feeling 'Unusual'?

Hey Chickadees!
Wanted to get the slide show for Serene's cj posted. I can't wait to see these layouts in person! I must say.... some of you have done some really cool stuff!
And some of you have done some really strange stuff! :) I say that with love in my heart!!
Serene, I think you are going to love your cj when you get all the pages put in.
I rec'd an email from click it that Jenn has put her layouts in the mail. WooHoo! Wont be long now ladies! Great job everyone!


Serene said...

Oh boy! How wonderful is it that you did the slide show and I get to see all my cj los in one place. I can't wait to see these all in my book.

Melissa said...

Thanks so much Lisa! It's so fun to see everyone's pages again!

luv46kdz said...

look how good they look!!! WTG girls as usual :)

the oddness makes us all the more lovable, heehee

Barb said...

Great slide show, Lisa. Thanks for getting that up. So much fun to see!