Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Weekend & Two Shots w/Dedra Long

How many of us really take time to enjoy the little things in life? I mean the really little things. I know I tend to forget about the simple things that can bring a smile to my face. Dedra Long has added a challenge to her blog asking us to take a picture each Saturday and Sunday for a year to show the little things in life that we love, enjoy, take for granted, etc. "The things that capture the rhythm of everyday life." Sort of like a year in pictures of your life, except instead taking pictures everyday we are only taking them on the weekends. I'm hoping that through this challenge I will remember all that makes me happy... all that I at times take for granted... and mostly, all that God has blessed me with.

If you go to Dedra's blog, she has created tabs at the top of her blog. There are tabs that say home, life story, one weekend two shots. Click the one weekend two shots and she will have links to all that are taking this challenge. She has also said that anyone can jump in at anytime. You guys come play! Paula's playing and we are just super excited.

Going forward, I'm hoping to post my Saturday picture on Saturday and my Sunday on Sunday... but for now, you're getting them both on Sunday.

Saturday's picture

David putting new strings on the Les Paul

Sunday's picture

My hibiscus that sits at the end of my steps just minutes after it rained

Now, I must go and get things done so I can be ready for True Blood!


Serene said...

I love your pics especially the flower complete with water droplets on it. Just perfect.

Barb said...

Your pics are so pretty!! I know you will succeed at the challenge!

I never did the pic a day. I knew I would never make it. Maybe next year. Now the pic a day...that is commitment!!!

Love your blog, sweetie. Wouldn't miss it for anything!

Dedra Long said...

Your shots are fabulous Lisa! I love the guitar, great perspective. It stuck a cord with me because my daughter Shelby, my husband Jon and my brother in law all play guitar.

The flower shot is amazing. I'm so happy you are doing this with me!

Can't wait to see what you come up with this week!