Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Computer Programs...Grrrrrr

It would seem that my morning was spent growling due to issues with the accounting and image hosting programs.....AGAIN. I love how support says, well it's working on my end! Cool beans for you...cause it's not for me! Besides, I don't believe the issue was ever about if it was working for you or not...but that it's not for ME. ME ME ME!

At any rate, I've done some looking around while waiting for these guys to get things straightened out. Saw some pretty cool layouts. Think I might have found a new blog to watch for a bit. Even spent some time at scrapbook.com, yet didn't order a single thing. I must warn you all though... I'm thinking I'm going to be needing some more cardstock soon. I'm always afraid I'm going to run out!

Speaking of paper, have you seen any of the printed paper by Websters Pages? I ordered some several weeks ago and all I can seem to do is look at it. I'm determined to use it on a layout but can't bring myself to cut it. In fact I was moaning about it at lunch and all DH could do is laugh at me. I'm not sure why he just doesn't understand! So... if you don't hear from me over the next few days, it will be because I am still sitting at my table trying to make myself cut this paper!

House news: We had the inspection done and saw the report yesterday. Just a couple of minor things listed on it. That's cool huh. You guys just have no idea how excited I am. I keep waiting for someone to pinch me.

Here's a couple of layouts I created for a color challenge. I don't think I would have picked these colors otherwise, but really like how they worked with the photos. Some of you may have already seen them over at the MM forum.

Looking at these, it's like something is missing. Good or not so good, I think during this time that I lost my mojo and had taken a break (that was way to long) from scrapping.... I've sort of lost something along the way. Last night I was looking at one of the layouts I'm working on and it's just like this blank area. Hmmmm, me thinks I need to keep looking for the mojo!

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a fabulous Mojo filled Tuesday!


Barb said...

Working on their end!! Great. I just had that Saturday with my computer. No internet and they said well it is ok here. Good for you!! So they wanted to send someone out MONDAY!! All weekend with no internet. Forget it. Well, they decided it could be Sunday.

In the meantime, called guru DD and she satrted looking and said, first mom, check all your plugs and cords and make sure they are all secure. Wow. DS had pulled one out when he pulled his lap out of the wall. Shoved it in and bingo. Everything fine. Now after and hour on the phone with SUPPORT, wouldn't you have thought they would have said that to us?? So, I can feel your pain, girl!! But time wasn't wasted. You got to look around and find a new blog.

Love you LO's! They are great. I don't think they are missing anything. Great looking to me!

Love your blog. Fun to read!

luv46kdz said...

Love the los, they look great!!

I am so stoked for your house Lisa, it is so you and can't wait for you to be in it!

love ya

Kathi said...

Who would have thought of a pink golf bag? Only Lisa. Your LOs are terrific!