Monday, June 28, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

There appears to be rain in our forecast for most of the week. It needs to NOT! While I understand the grass and flowers and lakes and people need the rain...I'm being selfish. I'm afraid if it's raining then the contractors building the house for the people who are selling the house we are buying... they will be delayed! Told you I was being selfish. And since David says my momma should have named me Patience, you can guess I'm short in that department! I keep trying to tell myself that I've waited this long...what's a few more weeks. I'm just also not to good at listening! **sigh**

I can't help it. I've waited a very long time for what I never imagined could be. I just need to realize that God has His own time frame and that He does not need me rearranging the schedule! Thank you so much!

On the furniture note..... have you looked at furniture prices lately? OUCH! Ya know, I've never had brand new furniture... and now I can understand why! The money they want for something that you are only going to sleep on and put your socks and underware in. Are they crazy? And the decisions to make. Do you go from Queen to King? Well if you do then you'll need new sheets and comforter. Oh my... curtains too. And let me tell you... I'm starting to realize just how much mine and David's taste differ! I must take my camera with me into the stores because the journaling that can come from all of this will entertain the kids for years!

I realize it seems as if this is all I'm talking about...but it is consuming my thoughts daily! And to be honest, I think if I say one more word this week about house or yard or furniture David will strangle me.... and it's only Monday!

I did accomplish some major scrapbooking over the weekend. Not sure how...but I did! I worked some more on my mom's book and finally realized that it's ok if the album doesn't have a "traditional heritage" look to it. I can add some spice to it with color pizzaz if'n I want! I mean who's going to tell me not to!

With this page I'm back more to my style of paper layers and the busy look. For some reason I was trying to get away from that "busy" look because I thought that's what everyone would want to see. I have no idea why I thought I needed to do that.
This page still has less on it than normal for me... but I like it. It's ok without all the 'stuff', even though after looking at it I think something else needs to be near the ribbon. It looks a little unfinished. Plus my picure isn't very straight! I really like the way the chipboard letters turned out. I think this is probably only like the 3rd time I've covered chipboard in paper.... it looks so awesome and matches the page so perfect! So I'm not sure what my problem is with using chipboard! Yes I do think this page needs a little something else to give it that finished look... even if it's just a bow tied there at the ribbon.

I just love it when you guys stop in for a look... so thanks! Wishing you all a wonderful Monday!


Melissa said...

I can just tell how excited you are about the house! Well if David doesn't want to hear it, blog about it instead! I can't wait to buy our own house, and so I'll just live vicariously through you. And I hear you on the furniture! Jeez.

Your LO looks great! The chipboard letters are fabulous, and I especially like the different colors. I think people really just want to see you scrapping in your style! Don't try to change it.. what's the fun in that? :)

Serene said...

Great lo and you used blue yet again. I'm so happy you are embracing my color! LOL You do that paper layering so well. What an album this is going to be when it is finished.

Barb said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the LO. Those letters are great! I am going to snitch them and use some digi like that. Love the colors you used, too!!

I will not buy new as in unused furniture unless I HAVE to!! I think God would not approve of those kinds of prices!! They are terrible. But Jim does not really like second hand but is getting used to it. Thank you Lord!!! LOL

I know you are excited but that is part of the fun...anticipation!!! When you move in you will soon forget about all the excitement because of all the work that has to be done. So have this fun and enjoy looking forward to your new house!!! It looks beautiful!!